11th Annual Boat Poker Run / River Bourgeois Mariner Society

Boat Poker Run

Reg. starts @ 10 am @ floating docks, all hands must be turned in by 2:30 pm.

$15 per hand of poker

Hotdogs, hamburgers & pop will be available.

1st prize to be 1/4 of registration  money, other prizes to be drawn.

Contact Peter Baccardax for more info: 535-3182

Rain / Wind Date: September 2nd or 7th

River Bourgeois 41st Annual Festival

August 24th to September 1st.

There will be some “all new” events and some of the annual ones that everyone enjoys.

Welcome summer 2019!

Saturday, August 24th

1pm to 2pm: Children’s Tea Party – Ages 3 to 7

Sponsored by: C.H. Boudreau Funeral Home

7pm to 9pm: Paint Night

Hosted by Theae Rensen and April Sampson

Must pre-register with Jaidon @ 535-3085, must be between 8 years of age and up, and the fee is $10., call early, limited spots available.

Supplies and refreshments will be provided

Sponsored by: Louie’s Cosy Corner

Sunday, August 25th

9am: St John the Baptist Mass

1:45pm to 4pm: Merchandise Bingo

9 games of great merchandise prizes and 9 games of cash Bingo.

Sponsored by: Leon’s Electrical Ltd.

2pm to 4pm: Cardboard Boat Races

Build your own boat at the docks with material supplied. Pre-register with Jaidon @ 535-3085. Children under age seven must be accompanied by an adulkt and all participants must have their own life jacket. Fee is $10.

Sponsored by: Green’s Funeral Home

Monday, August 26th

7pm to 10pm: 45 Card Play

Cost is $10.00 per person. Prizes are: $300., $200., and $100./ Refreshments will be served

Sponsored by: Foodland

Tuesday, August 27th

7pm to 9pm: Opening Night

“Skit” Laugh out loud funny

Sponsored by: premium Seafood

“Mini concert” Enjoy the musical talents of our youth.

An evening of fun and entertainment.

Fee $5.00 per person. Children under 10 yrs free.

Sponsored by: Richmond Enterprises

Wednesday, August 28th

6pm to 7pm: Poker Walk

Best hand wins 20% of the pot, & there are many secondary prizes. Cost is $5./person or $5./poker hand. If you can’t walk, you can purchase a poker hand at the Tara Lynne Centre.

Sponsored by: Kin Excel

6pm to 7pm: Game of “Eye Spy”

Sponsored by: Cape Breton Realty

Thursday, August 29th

7pm to 9pm: “Gerry’s Circle of Friends”

Come out and join in or just enjoy musicians playing live music together to learn and enjoy the music and the company of other musicians.

At the Tara Lynne Centre.

Sponsored by: RBC

Friday, August 30th

1pm to 2pm: Children’s Games: Kids vs Parents

Softball Game

Sponsored by: St Peter’s Marina

8pm to 10pm: Trivia & Pub Night

Emcee: Karl Nightingale

Battle of wits, “All categories of trivia”. Teams of four cost $40. To book call Janice at 535-2068. Cash bar available.

Sponsored by: Snow’s Econoprint

Saturday, August 31st

7am to 9:30am: Men’s Breakfast

$10. for adults, $5. for children under 10 years.

Sponsored by: St Peter’s Home Hardware

8am: All Day Softball Tournament

“Full Division” only. Fee $250. and 2 balls per team, cash prizes. Each team must have a minimum of 3 women. Games are played at the Bona Field and the St Peter’s field. To book call Joan Burke @ 535-2557. Team must pay prior to receiving schedule. Canteen services will be available at the Bona Field on Saturday and Sunday.

Sponsored by: Brent’s Autobody

Ball field Canteen

Sponsored by: Harvey Realties Limited

1pm: Children’s Games: Scavenger Hunt

Sponsored by: Canso Ford

2pm: Children’s Games: Activity Fun

Sponsored by: Jigg’s Take Out

6pm to 9pm: Dinner Theatre: “Nineteen Hundred and 74 Nostalgia”.

An evening of nostalgia and laughs with a dinner theatre production based on life as a teen in St Peter’s during the 1970’s.

The show starts at 6pm, dinner will be served at intermission.

Cost is $30. per person.

Roast beef dinner with salad and desert.

Please contact Jaidon @ 535-3085 during business hours or Sharon @ 535-2512 for tickets. (deadline for tickets is August 26th)

Sponsored by: East Coast Credit Union

Sunday, September 1st

8am: Softball Tournament cont’d, including playoffs. Canteen services will be available at the Bona Field.

Sponsored by: Boudreau’s Fuels

Ball field Canteen

Sponsored by: MacDonnell’s Pharmacy

10am: Boat Poker Run at docks

Rain/wind date: September 2nd or 7th.

Registration begins at 10am at the floating docks. Poker hands available to boaters and non-boaters for $15. each. All pokers hands to be turned in by 2:30pm. 1st prize is 1/4 of the registration money, lots of other prizes to be drawn. Refreshments available. For more info contact Peter Baccardax at 535-3182.

Sponsored by: Blue Nose Insurance Brokers

1pm: Children’s Games: Cake Walk

Sponsored by: Causeway Optical/Coastal Vision Clinic

1:30pm: Children’s Games: Build Your Own Sundae

Sponsored by: V&L Electric Ltd.

1:45pm: Children’s Games: Water Balloon Toss

Sponsored by: Lobsters “R” Us

4pm to 6pm: Annual Festival Community Supper

An assortment of delectable cuisine.

$10. for adults and $5. for children under 10 years.

Please contact Jaindon at 535-3085 during business hours for more details. Please bring food in disposable containers, to prevent loss or damage, if you need some, contact Jaindon, there are some available at the hall.\Sponsored by: Spectrum Home Inspections/Spectrum Air Care

7pm: “Robert Bouchard” Concert

Come enjoy a great performance by the very talented ROBERT BOUCHARD

Cost is $10. per person at the door.

Sponsored by: Barkhouse Appraisals

All ticket draws including: 50/50 draw and the Quilt created and donated by Susan Walker.

Sponsored by: Bluewave Energy

A Big Thank You to all who participated and volunteered in the events, without you the Festival would cease to exsit.

Co-chairs: Rose Merrick and Sharon Chilvers


RB Seniors 50+ Club 2019 AGM Minutes

River Bourgeois Seniors 50+ Club  

Annual General Meeting  

April 23, 2019 



Number of members in attendance: 20 members 


President Anne Sampson called the meeting to order at: 12:03 pm 


The League Prayer was read by: Donna Babin 


The Minutes of the last Annual Meeting which took place on April 10, 2018, were read by Donna Babin, moved by Donna Babin, 2nd by Jerry Fougere, Motion carried 


Business arising from the last meeting: 

-New Horizon Grant: 

The electrician (V & L Electric), noted that the electrical panel was fine, an upgrade to a new one would require additional permits and costs. Instead we opted to apply for the grant to cover new chairs and a new floor. 

Hazel painted the baseboards and electrical outlets to match the floors and chairs. 

The old chairs are for sale at $10. /chair if anyone one wants one. 


The Treasurer’s Report was read by: Sharon Chilvers. There was a closing balance of:   $3138.03. 

Treasurer’s report was moved by Sharon Chilvers, 2nd by Susan Boudreau. Motion carried. 


President’s Report: 

2018/2019 Presidents Report 

At this time, it is necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To our secretary, Donna and our Treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping the pot holes in the driveway filled, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards. 

Weekly cribbage games continue, Music is now done twice a month, Tock games are monthly and our gym usage continues to grow. 

I we could have a moment of silence for our deceased members: Cathy Aikens, Joe Boucher, Ingrid Boutilier, and Gerry Casey.  

We received a $4300. Grant from New Horizon for equipment replacements for our gym. This year we received $10,000. To replace our floor and chairs. Thanks to Glenn, Hazel, Kenneth, Danny and Glyn for installing the floor and new baseboards and Hazel for doing the painting.   

On behalf of the club, I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this organization. 


Nominations for Executives: 

President: Anne Sampson 

Secretary: Donna Babin 

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers 

1st Vice: Lucile Boudreau 

2nd Vice: none 

Maintenance: Kenneth LeBlanc & Danny Landry 

Grounds: Glyn Chilvers 

Cards: Emily LeBlanc  

New Business: 

-New Horizons grant: 

Applications go in every May. We are going to put the next application in for, expanding the gym by getting rid of the kitchen downstairs and get new music equipment.  

Kitchen reno: Potential for a buyer for the kitchen cupboards.  

The renovation will require removal of the current electrical and plumbing left behind after the kitchen is removed and extend the flooring. 

The work required would be within the funds of the grant. 

Previous repairs have been done by New Horizon with no objections. 


Sharon Chilvers made a Motion to apply for this year’s New Horizon Grant to purchase more music equipment and the renovation costs to remove and repair the kitchen downstairs including the removal of the electrical and plumbing which will no longer be required and the extension and repair of the flooring after the cabinets have been removed. 

Sharon Chilvers moved her motion, 2nd by Susan Boudreau, motion carried. 

 President Anne Sampson adjourned the meeting at: 12:32 pm 2nd by: Sylvia Allan 

RBCSS 2019 AGM Minutes

RBCSS Annual General Minutes – Mar 24/2019 

 In attendance: Rose Merrick, Donna Babin, Sharon Chilvers, Wayne Bona, Glenn Pottie, Kathy Groves, Ricky Stone, Heidi LeRoux, Carolyn Fougere, Marc Touesnard 

Guest: Hazel Pottie 

Absent with regrets:  Connie Stewart, Tanya Burke, Paul Martell 


Call to order: Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm 

Approval of Agenda:  Kathy moved the agenda, 2nd by Glenn, so moved 

Approval of the minutes: (AGM 03/27/2018) Sharon moved the agenda, 2nd by Ricky, so moved 

 Business Arising from AGM March 27/2018:  

-Land parcel: find out what part of the ball field behind the cenotaph that we own. Check the dead and check with Ray MacRae or Kevin? Also check with the municipality. 

-Send a letter to the county to ask that the old unsightly fencing around the ballfield be taken down. 

_Kathy requests that all invoices for purchases be signed from Home Hardware. A plunger was purchased from Home Hardware and Kathy does not know who it was. 

-Send Burke Brothers Trucking (Bernard Burke) a thank you letter for all the plowing and help with the playground. Glenn suggested a plaque of appreciation. Ricky said he would check into it. 

-Tennis Court: Glenn suggested Pickle Ball. A stencil for the game will cost about $200.To be placed on just one of the courts for Sept to June.  

-We have completed the application of the Provincial Student grant for the Hall. 

-Good Friday: A cod supper. Cost of Cod $200., Hazel will check it out. 


Chairperson’s (Rose Merrick) Annual Report: 

Thank you to all, everyone worked extremely hard.  

It was greatly appreciated.  

Correspondence: none 

Treasurer’s Report:  

Kathy submitted her report: 

We ended the year with a balance of: $18,338.75 

Kathy moved her report, 2nd by Wayne, so moved 

Committee Reports: 


2018 Bar Report 

We had a total of 5 bar events this year 

Total money taken in was:          $ 1890.75 

Total expenses:                            (1152.56) 

Profit:                                               738.19 

There is approximately $500. In remaining inventory. 


(submitted via email) 


Festival/Fundraising/Events 2018 

In 2018 we held the following events: 

January: Trivia Night 

February: 1049 Ticket draw 

March: Cold plate take out dinner 

Chase the Ace and Café Luncheon started April and the Ace went in the end of June and we restarted a new one the following week and it is still going. 

Canada Day fell on a Sunday so we moved the Chase the Ace and Café to that day. 

Festival ran from August 26th to September 2nd. 

November, we had a Trivia Night. 

December “Winterlude” Dinner and Community Celebration. 

Total revenue from these events $61388.06 – $5044.00 (Chase the Ace Jackpot) = $56344.06 

Total expenses $25816.95 

Profit: $30527.11 

Great year and thanks to all who took part in making this happen. 

Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Glenn, so moved 

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:   

Property Services 

It has been a good year! Not to many major expenses, started out with hiring a great worker for the summer (Alex Poaps) 

We had to buy a new bush hog, and lumber to repair decks and bleachers, pretty much everything got newly painted. We also did plumbing, and replaced one of the toilets up at the canteen, also repaired canteen roof. We burned all old wood and brush that was left up at the canteen. 

We hired a worker and had him cut the trees across from the hall making it more visible. Which has been good as being we haven’t seen any vandalism since having it done. 

I was asked to contact a welding company to make and install a rail for up at the funeral parlour, which has been completed! 

Over all the snow plowing went well and didn’t need to many plow jobs. 

Ricky moved his report, 2nd by Kathy, so moved 

Youth Development: 

-Continuing fundraising efforts 

-Current fundraiser is a Gift Card Survivor and proceeds from Chase the Ace 

-Meeting to discuss summer fundraisers coming up 

-Playground installed this summer by Eastern Fencing 

-Bernard provided services for prepping and gravel, donated what he could 

-We were able to fund raise the money to pay off the playground and installation 

-We are currently fundraising for the splash pad. 

-Fundraisers past & current: 

Trivia Nights 

Spaghetti Supper 

Vendor Markets 

Wine Survivor 

Gift Survivor 

Subway Peelers 

Ball field Canteen 

Heidi moved her report, 2nd by Ricky, so moved YDC Report 2018 – year end 

Tara Lynne Bursary:  

There were two bursaries at $200 each 

Wayne moved his report, 2nd by Kathy, so moved 

Nomination Committee/Elected 2019 Board of Directors: 

Chair:                                                      Rose Merrick 

Vice Chair: 

Secretary:                                               Donna Babin 

Treasurer:                                               Kathryn Groves 

Past Chair:                                              Sharon Chilvers 

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:      Ricky Stone/Paul Martell (co-chairs) 

Bar Committee:                                       Glenn Pottie 

Event/Fundraising:                                  Sharon Chilvers/Rose Merrick (co-chairs) 

Youth Development:                                Heidi LeRoux 

Tara Lynn Bursary:                                  Wayne Bona 

 Members at large: 

Carolyn Fougere, Tanya Burke, Connie Stewart, Marc Touesnard 

New Business: 

New members: No new member 

Board members to complete the Membership and confidentiality agreements for 2019. 

Hire someone to do the clearing and yard work, make an itemized list of jobs to be done. Hire the first of April? Specify how long on hire for. 

Next meeting will be: April 24th (4th Wed. Of the month)  

 Adjournment:  President Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at 7:25pm 
















Gerry’s Music Circle

Welcome to “Gerry’s Music Circle” carrying on the tradition of live music performed by local musicians. All ages and skill levels invited. If you just want to come and listen or dance that’s great too.

We had a successful season thanks to the great musicians who joined our circle. 

We will be returning in the fall, we will keep you posted.

Where: at the Anne Sampson Building in River Bourgeois next door to the Tara Lynne Recreation Centre.


Year in review 2018

In 2018 River Bourgeois Community Services Society accomplishments:

The Youth Committee saw the installation of their new children’s playground. Thanks to the Municipality of Richmond for the $7500. grant. They also continue in their quest to raise funds towards the splash pad.

The 40th Annual Festival celebrated their “Ruby Jubilee” anniversary. Net income was  $11798.95.

Tara Lynne Bursaries were awarded to Jaden Bona and Emily O’Brian.

Chase the Ace and the Cafe’ began in April and is continuing. The Ace was drawn in July, so we started again the following week. The current jackpot is now $4800. plus. The profits from this successful project has enabled RBCSS to pay our day to day operational expenses.

We had several other fundraisers during 2018 including: the Robert Bouchard Concert, Trivia Nights, Cold Plate takeout, and our Winterlude dinner.

Summer Student Grants from the Provincial and Federal Government allowed us to hire Emilee Poaps as our Festival Co-ordinator and Alexander Poaps as our Property Caretaker.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the Board of River Bourgeois Community Services Society

Chase the Ace July 21, 2018

Congratulations to Michael Landry who $3988.00 with the “Ace of Spades”, plus $201 for the daily 20%.

Next week, July 28th, the Jackpot will begin at $1000.00 +++.

Thank you to those who volunteered their time to help and to our community for your continued support.


Playground / Splash Pad Update

As many of you know, we originally purchased our playground equipment before doing the Splash Pad because we received an amazing deal on our equipment. Our playground equipment has a value of about $70,000 and we purchased it for $35,000. We are are happy to report that the playground equipment is now paid off and the plan initially was to install it with volunteers. What we did not realize is that the playground equipment is much more complex to install than we ever thought, and after speaking to many professionals, it is clear that we need to hire a company to install it. The best quote came from Eastern Fencing in Dartmouth at a price of $18,500. plus HST. Because of all the support we have received from everyone, we have enough money to cover this cost, however, it will take all the funds we have raised to date. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to think in this little amount of time we have raised over $50,000! The timeline for the playground is to begin installation in about 4-5 weeks.

This has always been a two stage project and we look forward to seeing the playground complete and beginning our work on the Splash Pad. With that said, the Splash Pad is going to be costly, but a valuable asset to our children and community. Our first quote for the Splash Pad was about $146,000. We are looking into a buildable Splash Pad that may cost us a little bit less. In order to accomplish the this, we are going to need volunteers, so any help anyone can give us would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone is interested in putting on a fund-raising event on our behalf, we would be more than grateful.

Heidi LeRoux Chairperson / Youth Development Committee


River Bourgeois 40th Annual Festival “Ruby Jubilee”


40th Anniversary Festival – 2018

This year RBCSS celebrated our 40th anniversary.

The “Ruby Jubilee Festival” took place from August 25th to September 2nd.

A Big Thank You to all who participated and volunteered in the events, without you the Festival would cease to exist.

RB Senior’s 50+ Club 2018 Annual Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes April 10/2018 

Attendance. There were 30 members in attendance 

 President Anne Sampson called the meeting to order at 12:25 pm 

 The League Prayer was read by Donna Babin 

 The minutes of the last annual meeting of April 4, 2017 was read by Donna Babin. 

Donna moved the minutes, 2nd by Jerry Fougere, so moved. 

Business arising from the last annual meeting: There was no business arising. 

The Treasurer’s report was read by Sharon Chilvers. There was a closing balance of $6001.63. Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Norma MacNeil. so moved. 

Nominations for the Executives: 

President:  Anne Sampson

Secretary:  Donna Babin 

Treasurer:  Sharon Chilvers 

1st Vice:     

2nd Vice:    

Maintenance:  Danny Landry and Kenneth LeBlanc 

Grounds:        Glyn Chilvers 

Cards:            Emily LeBlanc 

 Winner of the half and half ticket of $48. was Norma MacNeil 

 New Business:  

There will be a Merchandise Bingo on April 15th, we need member to make donations of 3 pies and 5 different cookies 

Next year we will be applying for the New Horizon grant for an electrical upgrade to catch up with the new fitness equipment. 

Anne Sampson was a recipient of the Provincial Volunteer Award 

 President’s Report: 

2017 River Bourgeois Seniors Club President’s Report 

At this time, it is necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To our secretary Donna and treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping the pot holes in the driveway filled, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards. 

We held two Merchandise Bingos besides our regular weekly cribbage game. We are doing monthly TOCK games and also doing Mexican Train Domino’s games, the club and community member enjoyed the Chinese Christmas dinner. Donna Babin represented our club last year and Anne Sampson will be this year’s representative. 

We have 93 members now, but sadly since the last meeting we lost 4 members, Dave Clow, Vera Sampson, Joe Sampson and George St Louis. If we could have a moment of silence. 

Our heat pumps were installed and we have reeked the benefits. We received a $4300. Grant from New Horizon for equipment replacements for the gym. An incumbent bike has been purchased so all of you with new knees and hips can use. A rowing machine, balance balls and bands are now on route. Thanks to Glenn and Hazel who removed all of the obsolete and dangerous equipment and also doing much needed great spring cleaning downstairs. 

On behalf of the club I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this great organization. 


President Anne Sampson adjourned the meeting at 12:45 pm