“Winterlude Dinner”

When: Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Time: 6:00 pm

Where: The Tara Lynne Community Centre

Cost: $25.00 per person

Tickets must be purchased by Saturday, November 30th.

Phone: Sharon Chilvers @ 902-535-2512 or Rose Merrick @  902-535-2141

Cash bar and entertainment by Jaunita MacPhee & surprise guest will follow upstairs after dinner.


Festive Spinach Salad

Main Course:

Roast beef and trimmings

(mashed potatoes, vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce & roll)

Tea or coffee and Holiday Punch (non-alcoholic)


Your Choice of homemade Coconut or Butterscotch pie


Christmas Dinners

Till the season of family, friends and community.

If you know of anyone in the community in need of a Christmas Dinner, the deadline for a request is December 16th.

Please call Sharon Chilvers @ 535-2512

Taking tenders for: Snow Removal and Sanding

October 24, 2019 

River Bourgeois Community Services Society is taking Tenders for Snow Removal and Sanding: 


Tenders for snow removal and sanding at the Tara Lynne Community Centre will be received by RBCSS up to and including:  Wednesday, November 27, 2019 


Tender submissions must include:  

Hourly rate for snow removal & equipment available 

Hourly rate for sanding & equipment available.  


RBCSS advises that priority on this tender will be given to individuals residing in the community of River Bourgeois and/or operating businesses within the community.  

Tenders should be directed to: Ricky Stone, P.O. Box 56, River Bourgeois, N.S. B0E 2X0.  

RBCSS Board of Directors

RB Seniors 50+ Club 2019 AGM Minutes

River Bourgeois Seniors 50+ Club  

Annual General Meeting  

April 23, 2019 



Number of members in attendance: 20 members 


President Anne Sampson called the meeting to order at: 12:03 pm 


The League Prayer was read by: Donna Babin 


The Minutes of the last Annual Meeting which took place on April 10, 2018, were read by Donna Babin, moved by Donna Babin, 2nd by Jerry Fougere, Motion carried 


Business arising from the last meeting: 

-New Horizon Grant: 

The electrician (V & L Electric), noted that the electrical panel was fine, an upgrade to a new one would require additional permits and costs. Instead we opted to apply for the grant to cover new chairs and a new floor. 

Hazel painted the baseboards and electrical outlets to match the floors and chairs. 

The old chairs are for sale at $10. /chair if anyone one wants one. 


The Treasurer’s Report was read by: Sharon Chilvers. There was a closing balance of:   $3138.03. 

Treasurer’s report was moved by Sharon Chilvers, 2nd by Susan Boudreau. Motion carried. 


President’s Report: 

2018/2019 Presidents Report 

At this time, it is necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To our secretary, Donna and our Treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping the pot holes in the driveway filled, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards. 

Weekly cribbage games continue, Music is now done twice a month, Tock games are monthly and our gym usage continues to grow. 

I we could have a moment of silence for our deceased members: Cathy Aikens, Joe Boucher, Ingrid Boutilier, and Gerry Casey.  

We received a $4300. Grant from New Horizon for equipment replacements for our gym. This year we received $10,000. To replace our floor and chairs. Thanks to Glenn, Hazel, Kenneth, Danny and Glyn for installing the floor and new baseboards and Hazel for doing the painting.   

On behalf of the club, I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this organization. 


Nominations for Executives: 

President: Anne Sampson 

Secretary: Donna Babin 

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers 

1st Vice: Lucile Boudreau 

2nd Vice: none 

Maintenance: Kenneth LeBlanc & Danny Landry 

Grounds: Glyn Chilvers 

Cards: Emily LeBlanc  

New Business: 

-New Horizons grant: 

Applications go in every May. We are going to put the next application in for, expanding the gym by getting rid of the kitchen downstairs and get new music equipment.  

Kitchen reno: Potential for a buyer for the kitchen cupboards.  

The renovation will require removal of the current electrical and plumbing left behind after the kitchen is removed and extend the flooring. 

The work required would be within the funds of the grant. 

Previous repairs have been done by New Horizon with no objections. 


Sharon Chilvers made a Motion to apply for this year’s New Horizon Grant to purchase more music equipment and the renovation costs to remove and repair the kitchen downstairs including the removal of the electrical and plumbing which will no longer be required and the extension and repair of the flooring after the cabinets have been removed. 

Sharon Chilvers moved her motion, 2nd by Susan Boudreau, motion carried. 

 President Anne Sampson adjourned the meeting at: 12:32 pm 2nd by: Sylvia Allan