Tara Lynne Bursary 2021

We are please to announce that this year we are providing two Richmond Academy graduating students with $700. bursaries.

The selected recipients are:

Erin Cunningham

Hunter Jamieson

Congratulations to all.

RBCSS board of directors

The Acadian Landing Re-enactment

August 27/2014 The River Bourgeois residents re-enacted the landing of the 1714 Acadians. There was a huge crowd of people dressing in period costumes and embarking on the re-enacted voyage to the shores of River Bourgeois.

The “Acadians” boarded the boats and rowed to the shores of River Bourgeois. Climbed the hill to the new Cairn monument, where there was a ceremony and unveiling.There were 2 long time residents in costume representing the long history and pride our residents have. Evelyn (Victor) Burke and Valerie Boyd.

After the ceremonies everyone met up at the Tara Lynne Centre, to enjoy the foods of 1714. A huge crowd for the whole event. Big success.

A huge Thank You go out to out to the Festival Chairs for this putting together this colossal event. To all those who dressed for the event, for those who provided the boats, rowed and captained them, to the Cadets, to our distinguished guests, to those who erected the Cairn even with broken ribs, to those who baked and served the food and to all who attended and took such memorable pictures.

The crowds of residents and so many children enjoying the history being remembered and made on this day was amazing.

We must remember to keep telling the story and history of what happened in 1714, and how River Bourgeois became, so that our ancestors remember and in that remembrance they open the time capsule enclosed in the Cairn.

Thank you to everyone for the great success of the Acadian landing re-enactment.Evelyn Burke 98 years old Thank You to the Cadets who stood with the flags. Great Job 99 year old Valerie Boyd The Festival Commitee heads embarking. Sharon Chilvers and Rose Merrick Acadian ladies, waiting on the boats Acadians have arrived b Embarked and the voyage begins