Year in review 2023/2024


As we gather for our annual meeting, I am pleased to reflect on a year marked by substantial progress and achievement across various projects. These accomplishments include the leveling and installation of new flooring in the basement, c@psite and bathroom, as well as the successful installation of new heating radiators. Additionally, we saw the transition to an electric furnace, replacing outdated systems, and improvements in ventilation throughout the premises. A new hot water heater was installed and the implementation of a durable metal roof, effectively resolving longstanding issues with leaks. The total investment in these initiatives amounted to $82,000, supported by contributions of $5,000 from the municipality and $29,800 from the province, with the remaining balance sourced from fundraising activities.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the diligent efforts of our board members throughout the year, whose dedication has been invaluable in driving our collective success. As we move forward, you will hear comprehensive reports from the chairs of our various committees. I extend my gratitude to each member of the board for their unwavering commitment and collaboration, and I eagerly anticipate another year of shared accomplishments and growth.

Thank you.

Rose Merrick, President