River Bourgeois Mariners Society

DocksHistory:  The members of the River Bourgeois Community Service Society & the River Bourgeois Economic Development Committee originally spearheaded and managed the marina project.  In May 2008 they decided to form a new organization named the River Bourgeois Mariner Society for the purposes of managing the marina facility.  In the spring of 2012, the R.B. Mariner Society obtained charitable status.

Mandate:  The Mariner Society’s purpose is to provide and maintain a docking and launching area for the benefit of River Bourgeois.


PresidentCarl Grimes
Vice-PresidentPeter Baccardax
TreasurerSherry Baccardax
SecretarySherry Baccardax

Membership:  Annual rate is $10.00.  All new members are welcomed.

Events: 2019 was a great success and the Mariner’s Society hopes to see you again in 2020 for the 12th Annual Poker Run

Please take the time to watch the aerial view of our 2019 Poker Run:



Facilities:  The Marina offers 600 feet of docking space.

Member RatesNon-Member Rates
Weekly rate per foot $1.50 per ft/week$1.50 per ft/week
Yearly rate per foot $10.00 per ft/year$12.00 per ft/year
Nightly rate per foot $0.50 per ft/night$0.50 per ft/night


*Prices subject to change

*All secondary crafts will not be accepted at the dock. Secondary crafts to be assigned an area designated by the marina

The marina has a boat launch which is available at your own risk. The docking area is wheelchair accessible and has benches to relax, socialize, and enjoy the view. Ladders are available for those who like to swim or bring a fishing rod and dip a line off the docks (at your own risk).

Come and join us. You’ll be glad you did.