RB Mariner Society Fish Chowder/Chili Luncheon

Big thank you to all who supported the River Bourgeois Mariners Society with their fish chowder luncheon on Sunday. Total raised was $1439 (all expenses still to come out of this) with $1150 raised at the door, $143 through the 1/2 and 1/2, and $146 in donations. Big shout out to Gerald LeBlanc who won the 1/2 and 1/2 and donated some of his winnings back to the Mariners! Many thanks to all the workers, bakers, etc who so generously donated their time and talents each year. Can’t do it without you all. Many thanks also to our big supporters: Louie’s Cosy Corner & staff who make our chowder; Marilyn Grimes who made the chilli; the Royal Bank who so graciously donated an additional $1000 to the event and whose staff helped out; and the Municipality of Richmond who sponsored the event. Cookies, biscuits milk, pop and juice left over were donated to the CWL. Thanks again everyone!!!


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