RBCSS AGM Minutes 2024

RBCSS Annual General Meeting
March 28th, 2024
In attendance: Rose Merrick, Sharon Chilvers, Kathy Groves, Marc Touesnard, Tracey
Samson-Smith, Connie Stewart, Donna Babin, Doreen Boudreau, Carolyn Fougere
Guest/s: Mary LeRue, Dana Touesnard, Tom Bona
Absent with regrets: Wayne Bona, Heidi LeRue, Paul Martell
Call to order: President Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 7:22 pm
Approval of agenda: Kathy Groves moved the agenda, seconded by Carolyn Fougere,
motion carried
Approval of minutes: Sharon Chilvers moved the minutes of March 16/2023, seconded by
Kathy Groves, motion carried
Business arising: No new business
Correspondence: none
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report attached. Kathy Groves moved her report, seconded
by Sharon Chilvers, motion carried
Committee Reports: (Annual summary)
Festival Events and Fundraisers for 2023
Chase the Ace –Two different ones were held.
First one was 15 weeks and netted us $8,725.00
Second one was 11 weeks and netted us $6,092.50
Total for 2023 was $ 14,817.50
Café Luncheon for 2023 was a net profit of $9728.79
Festival went quite well and netted a profit of $11,357.49. We need to find
something new for the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights (The music that
is held on Thursday is held at the Anne Sampson Building) to improve our bottom
Rose Merrick was honoured for her leadership.
Canada Day festivities were held during the Chase the Ace/Café Luncheon
The 16 th Annual Community Christmas Celebration was held and well attended to
end the year.
Thanks to all who helped raise these funds
Sharon & Rose
Sharon Chilvers moved her report, seconded by Tracey Samson-Smith, motion carried
Property Services/Visitation Parlour:
Maintenance Report for April 2023 to April 2024
During the spring of 2023 we replaced the sink and faucet in the canteen. Began planning
and preparing the basement spaces for new flooring.
Summer started with the hiring of a student, Emily Grimes, to take care of the outside spaces
around the community hall, baseball field and Seniors building. Mowing and grass trimming
consumed much of her time, but she also helped with painting inside the hall.
The chairs & tables in the basement were stored away to clear the spaces for new flooring.
The walls were painted, trim removed and replaced after the floo was finished.
A new electric furnace & hot water tank were installed to replace the old heating system on
the main floor. Downstairs we had new baseboard heaters installed to replace the old ones.
Outside we had new signs placed on the community centre, seniors building, tennis court,
and baseball field. Repairs were done to the wheelchair ramp. The deck & ramp were
pressure washed in preparation for paint, but unfortunately due to our wet summer, did not
get painted.
The baseball canteen was completed and bathrooms were finished. Lawn care equipment &
baseball equipment were moved into the new building making them more accessible.
The tennis court nets were set up and ready for the summer.
The baseball field and driveway were repaired for the season.
Due to problems with our water system, we had to place a UV unit on the water supply. The
unit was inspected and water tested and passed by the Dept of Environment.
Once the summer season ended the tennis courts & baseball field were closed up and we
had a quiet fall and winter until February 2024.
In February due to the large quantity of snow, alot of shovelling was required to keep the hall
accessible for events and meetings.
A new door for the emergency entrance off the kitchen was ordered, received and waiting to
be installed once the weather improves.
Doreen Boudreau moved her report, seconded byCarolyn Fougere, motion carried
Youth Development:
Heidi LeRue’s report via email 3/28/24
There are no new fundraising efforts on the horizon. When the weather warms up, we
are going to start looking for volunteers to put together the final pieces of playground
equipment that was delivered in the winter. This includes a small playset for children
as well as a communication board. We will also be hiring Bernard Burke to come in
and do some finishing touches on the walking trail. Additionally, we will be asking
Bernard to put the posts in place for the basketball nets. There is wood and materials
up by the playground for the dugouts, Stewart Kelly worked towards securing this
material and is planning to have parents work together to finish the dugout project.
Heidi LeRue
Read by Rose Merrick, seconded by Connie Stewart, motion carried
President’s Report:
Good evening,
As we gather for our annual meeting, I am pleased to reflect on a year marked by substantial
progress and achievement across various projects. These accomplishments include the leveling
and installation of new flooring in the basement, c@psite and bathroom, as well as the successful
installation of new heating radiators. Additionally, we saw the transition to an electric furnace,
replacing outdated systems, and improvements in ventilation throughout the premises.
A new hot water heater was installed and the implementation of a durable metal roof, effectively
resolving long standing issues with leaks.
The total investment in these initiatives amounted to $82,000, supported by contributions of
$5,000 from the municipality and $29,800 from the province, with the remaining balance sourced
from fundraising activities. I extend my sincere appreciation to the diligent efforts of our board
members throughout the year, whose dedication has been invaluable in driving our collective
As we move forward, you will hear comprehensive reports from the chairs of our various
committees. I extend my gratitude to each member of the board for their unwavering commitment
and collaboration, and I eagerly anticipate another year of shared accomplishments and growth.
Thank you.
Rose Merrick
Nominating committee – Election of officers and Board members for 2022
Executive committee:
President: Rose Merrick
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Kathy Groves
Secretary: Donna Babin
Past President: Sharon Chilvers
Board members:
Festivals & Events: Rose Merrick & Sharon Chilvers
Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Paul Martell & Doreen Boudreau
Youth Development: Heidi LeRue
At large:
Carolyn Fougere
Connie Stewart
Marc Touesnard
Wayne Bona
Tracey Samson-Smith
New Member Nominations:
Dana Touesnard
Mary LeRue
Tom Bona
New Business:
Next AGM Meeting will be: Thursday March 27th, 2025

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