Year in review 2023

RBCSS accomplishments in 2023

We saw the completion of the ball field canteen
A new metal roof was installed on the Tara Lynne Centre
Floors downstairs in the main room and in the Old Cap Site room were
leveled and new Vinyl Tiles were installed along with new heaters,
baseboards and a fresh coat of paint.
A new Electric furnace and electric water heater was installed. We no longer
use oil for heating and water.
A door for one of the back entrances of Tara Lynne Centre has been ordered.
The cost of this entire project was over $82,000. We received a Provincial
Grant of $29,000 and a Municipal Grant of $5,000. The balance was funded
by the monies from Chase the Ace and the Café Luncheon. We thank all
who supported our fundraiser.
The Visitation Parlor had some major repairs done to the rotting beams.
Thanks to Kenneth and Albert for their creative repairs.
Our “45 Annual Festival” was once again a success. Rose Merrick was
acknowledged for her twelve years as President of RBCSS and twenty-four
year of dedicated service to her community. Congratulations Rose

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