RBCSS AGM Minutes 2024

RBCSS Annual General Meeting
March 28th, 2024
In attendance: Rose Merrick, Sharon Chilvers, Kathy Groves, Marc Touesnard, Tracey
Samson-Smith, Connie Stewart, Donna Babin, Doreen Boudreau, Carolyn Fougere
Guest/s: Mary LeRue, Dana Touesnard, Tom Bona
Absent with regrets: Wayne Bona, Heidi LeRue, Paul Martell
Call to order: President Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 7:22 pm
Approval of agenda: Kathy Groves moved the agenda, seconded by Carolyn Fougere,
motion carried
Approval of minutes: Sharon Chilvers moved the minutes of March 16/2023, seconded by
Kathy Groves, motion carried
Business arising: No new business
Correspondence: none
Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s report attached. Kathy Groves moved her report, seconded
by Sharon Chilvers, motion carried
Committee Reports: (Annual summary)
Festival Events and Fundraisers for 2023
Chase the Ace –Two different ones were held.
First one was 15 weeks and netted us $8,725.00
Second one was 11 weeks and netted us $6,092.50
Total for 2023 was $ 14,817.50
Café Luncheon for 2023 was a net profit of $9728.79
Festival went quite well and netted a profit of $11,357.49. We need to find
something new for the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights (The music that
is held on Thursday is held at the Anne Sampson Building) to improve our bottom
Rose Merrick was honoured for her leadership.
Canada Day festivities were held during the Chase the Ace/Café Luncheon
The 16 th Annual Community Christmas Celebration was held and well attended to
end the year.
Thanks to all who helped raise these funds
Sharon & Rose
Sharon Chilvers moved her report, seconded by Tracey Samson-Smith, motion carried
Property Services/Visitation Parlour:
Maintenance Report for April 2023 to April 2024
During the spring of 2023 we replaced the sink and faucet in the canteen. Began planning
and preparing the basement spaces for new flooring.
Summer started with the hiring of a student, Emily Grimes, to take care of the outside spaces
around the community hall, baseball field and Seniors building. Mowing and grass trimming
consumed much of her time, but she also helped with painting inside the hall.
The chairs & tables in the basement were stored away to clear the spaces for new flooring.
The walls were painted, trim removed and replaced after the floo was finished.
A new electric furnace & hot water tank were installed to replace the old heating system on
the main floor. Downstairs we had new baseboard heaters installed to replace the old ones.
Outside we had new signs placed on the community centre, seniors building, tennis court,
and baseball field. Repairs were done to the wheelchair ramp. The deck & ramp were
pressure washed in preparation for paint, but unfortunately due to our wet summer, did not
get painted.
The baseball canteen was completed and bathrooms were finished. Lawn care equipment &
baseball equipment were moved into the new building making them more accessible.
The tennis court nets were set up and ready for the summer.
The baseball field and driveway were repaired for the season.
Due to problems with our water system, we had to place a UV unit on the water supply. The
unit was inspected and water tested and passed by the Dept of Environment.
Once the summer season ended the tennis courts & baseball field were closed up and we
had a quiet fall and winter until February 2024.
In February due to the large quantity of snow, alot of shovelling was required to keep the hall
accessible for events and meetings.
A new door for the emergency entrance off the kitchen was ordered, received and waiting to
be installed once the weather improves.
Doreen Boudreau moved her report, seconded byCarolyn Fougere, motion carried
Youth Development:
Heidi LeRue’s report via email 3/28/24
There are no new fundraising efforts on the horizon. When the weather warms up, we
are going to start looking for volunteers to put together the final pieces of playground
equipment that was delivered in the winter. This includes a small playset for children
as well as a communication board. We will also be hiring Bernard Burke to come in
and do some finishing touches on the walking trail. Additionally, we will be asking
Bernard to put the posts in place for the basketball nets. There is wood and materials
up by the playground for the dugouts, Stewart Kelly worked towards securing this
material and is planning to have parents work together to finish the dugout project.
Heidi LeRue
Read by Rose Merrick, seconded by Connie Stewart, motion carried
President’s Report:
Good evening,
As we gather for our annual meeting, I am pleased to reflect on a year marked by substantial
progress and achievement across various projects. These accomplishments include the leveling
and installation of new flooring in the basement, c@psite and bathroom, as well as the successful
installation of new heating radiators. Additionally, we saw the transition to an electric furnace,
replacing outdated systems, and improvements in ventilation throughout the premises.
A new hot water heater was installed and the implementation of a durable metal roof, effectively
resolving long standing issues with leaks.
The total investment in these initiatives amounted to $82,000, supported by contributions of
$5,000 from the municipality and $29,800 from the province, with the remaining balance sourced
from fundraising activities. I extend my sincere appreciation to the diligent efforts of our board
members throughout the year, whose dedication has been invaluable in driving our collective
As we move forward, you will hear comprehensive reports from the chairs of our various
committees. I extend my gratitude to each member of the board for their unwavering commitment
and collaboration, and I eagerly anticipate another year of shared accomplishments and growth.
Thank you.
Rose Merrick
Nominating committee – Election of officers and Board members for 2022
Executive committee:
President: Rose Merrick
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Kathy Groves
Secretary: Donna Babin
Past President: Sharon Chilvers
Board members:
Festivals & Events: Rose Merrick & Sharon Chilvers
Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Paul Martell & Doreen Boudreau
Youth Development: Heidi LeRue
At large:
Carolyn Fougere
Connie Stewart
Marc Touesnard
Wayne Bona
Tracey Samson-Smith
New Member Nominations:
Dana Touesnard
Mary LeRue
Tom Bona
New Business:
Next AGM Meeting will be: Thursday March 27th, 2025

RB Seniors 50+ AGM Minutes 2023

RB Seniors 50+ Club

AGM Minutes

March 21, 2023

Members Present: 13

The meeting was called to order at:  1:00 pm.

The League prayer was read by Secretary Kim Boudreau

Approval of the agenda , not read

Approval of the minutes: Secretary Kim Boudreau read the minutes of March 29th, 2022, Kim moved that the Minutes be accepted, seconded by Wayne Bona, motion carried.

Old business:None

Correspondence: No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer, Sharon Chilvers read her report. 

Treasurer’s report for 2022, read by Sharon Chilvers. Starting balance: $3122.34, ending balance: $4259.22. Sharon moved her report, seconded by Cletus Wedge, motion carried.

President John Digout’s Annual Report:

River Bourgeois Senior’s Report for 2022 Our seniors club has had a wonderful year despite covid-19 closed our doors for the first couple of months. We saw our membership grow to 108 members, The strongest for several years. Our music sessions continue to be well attended with as many as twenty musicians each time. In September we saw the final insulation of our Solar System and immediately saw its benefits. In the winter months especially November to February we had very little sunshine which resulted in very little solar power. This should be avoided next year as we will be accumulating lots from the sun from March on to get us through next winter. I want to take this time to thank those who help us on a regular basis in keeping our music sessions going, those who continue to maintain our building. Special Thanks to the executive for their dedication

President John Digout read his report, he moved it to be accepted, seconded by Wayne Bona, motion carried.

Moment of Silence for our Deceased members: Jeanette Landry, Leda Koning, Marion Maltby, Kenny Cosman and Cletus Touesnard

Nominations for the 2023 Executive Committee are opened by Wayne Bona:

President: John Digout (will remain as President)

Secretary: Donna Babin (has been voted in as Secretary)

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers (will remain as Treasurer)

1st Vice: Janice Touesnard 

New Business:

We already have many rentals from the County, 44 between April and May. Talks are in the works for moving the Music Circle to the Tara Lynne Centre.

Kim Boudreau verbally resigned as Secretary, note an official written resignation will follow.

President John Digout adjourned the meeting at: 1:30 pm

RBCSS AGM Minutes 2022

RBCSS Annual General Meeting

March 17th, 2022

In attendance: Rose, Sharon. Marc, Kathy, Carolyn, Connie

Virtually: Donna B


Absent with regrets: Wayne, Ricky, Paul, Heidi, Tanya


Call to order: President Rose Merrick called the meetings to order at 6:52 pm (Continuation into AGM)

Approval of agenda: Donna Babin moved the approval of the agenda, 2nd by Connie Stewart, motion carried.

Approval of minutes:  Last AGM was dated November 23, 2020

Business arising: No business arising

Correspondence: No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: copy as provided by Kathy Groves, moved by Kathy Groves, 2nd by Sharon Chilvers, motion carried

Committee Reports:

Bar: No report




Even with a limited amount of events due to Covid 19, we netted $10,158.


Chase the Ace wasn’t started until July 2nd and by Dec we had a profit of $11242. To be split with Youth Development.

Cafe’ began at the same time and netted us $7488.


Canada Day Festivities were also limited. We chose not to sell any food this year, and the Municipality paid us $500. To cover our cost.

The Community Christmas Celebration was held and RBCSS covered the cost as in previous years.

Sharon and Rose

Sharon Chilvers moved her report, 2nd by Carolyn, motion carried

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:

(submitted via email by Paul Martell)

1/ It was noticed that the cement in front of the new step was starting to crumble. Mallard Construction was made aware and they came up to have a look at it. They told me the cement work is guaranteed so there will be no problem replacing it when the warmer weather shows up.

2/ Ricky gave Sharon a quote on the new building we need, he is also getting a quote on the cement pad that must be included to get the grant.

Youth Development: No report submitted

Nominating committee – Election of officers and Board members for 2022 

Executive committee:

President: Rose Merrick (accepted)

Vice President: vacant

Treasurer: Kathy Groves (accepted)

Secretary: Donna Babin  (Re-submitted and accepted)

Past President: Sharon Chilvers

Board members:

Bar: vacant

Festivals & Events: Co-Chairs: Rose Merrick and Sharon Chilvers

Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Chair: Paul Martell

Property Services: Ricky Stone

Youth Development: Chair: Heidi LeRoux

At large: Carolyn Fougere, Tanya Burke, Wayne Bona, Marc Touesnard, Connie Stewart

New Business:

Rose Merrick: The question has come up about creating a dog park. What section of our land could we use to put it on? Have Ricky look into it.

Next meeting will be: To be advised at a later date

Adjournment: President Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at 7:26 pm

RBCSS AGM Minutes 2023

RBCSS Annual General Meeting

March 16th, 2023


In attendance:  Rose Merrick, Wayne Bona, Sharon Chilvers, Paul Martell, Carolyn Fougere, Kathy Groves, Donna Babin, Marc Touesnard, Connie Stewart

Guest/s: Doreen Boudreau, Tracey Samson-Smith

Absent with regrets: Heidi


Call to order: Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 6:32pm

Approval of agenda: Sharon Chilvers moved the agenda, 2nd by Paul Martel, motion carried 

Approval of minutes:  Sharon Chilvers moved the Mar 17/22 AGM Minutes, 2nd by Carolyn Fougere, motion carried.

Business arising:  

Dog park question of 2022: after discussion, only if we can find someone to take it on.

Put up a nice Visitation Parlour sign at the highway exit

Ref: Property Service report #10. Fixing roof cost? Blaire may have some surplus metal roofing. We only have one shot through the county for a grant, so we don’t want to use it on the roof.

Correspondence:  No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Annual Report attached. Kathy Groves moved her report, 2nd my Wayne Bona, motion carried

Committee Reports: (Annual summary)


Our Chase the Ace went for 48 weeks before the Ace was picked by Sylvia Allan, it was worth $30,080.00 RBCSS and the Youth Development received $13,142.72 each in 2022. The first six months profit of $9356.72 each were in 2021.

Our Cafe’ had a net profit of $8140.81 from Jan. to July in 2022.

Festival had a net profit of $10,099.38. Attendance was better than previous year. 

Thanks to Rose for my Roast and special award. It was a surprise but much appreciated.

All three fundraisers were way down compared to pre-Covid 19 and also because of the rise in the cost of living.

We had two Trivia Nights fundraisers.

Special events: July 1st was not held due to it falling on a Sunday and we had already worked on Saturday.

The Community Christmas Celebration was very well attended.

That is it for 2022.

Sharon Chilvers and Rose Merrick

Sharon Chilvers moved her report, 2nd by Kathy Groves, so moved.

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:

  1. A new mower was purchased from Babin’s in the spring of 2022

  2. The old clubhouse and canteen were torn down and the area was cleaned in preparation for the new clubhouse.

  3. Work on the replacement clubhouse and canteen was begun in the fall and is still being worked on. Walls and bathrooms still require installment and the building has to be painted for completion of this project. Grants of $9000.00 from the Municipality and $7400.00 from the Government Were approved for the project.

  4. Material has to be purchased for plumbing work to install toilets and sinks in the Tara Lynne Centre. The labor costs for this work is being donated by Johnathan Stone.

  5. Mike MacPhee sign has to be removed and debris moved away.

  6. The tennis nets were removed last fall and should be looked at and a decision made whether to replace them or try to fix them.

  7. The sheds have been cleaned of garbage and a load was taken to the dump by John Burke.

  8. A new garbage bin was constructed and put in place. The old bin needs to be taken apart for bulk garbage pick up.

  9. The fire extinguishers in all three locations were checked and serviced by Strait Fire Extinguishers.

  10. There have been 3 quotes submitted regarding the roof repairs. We’re still awaiting word whether the grant will be approved or not.

  11. There has been no further word on the approval of the generator for a proposed Comfort Centre at the Tara Lynne Centre. Several calls were made to check on it’s status with no update to report.

Paul Martell moved his report, 2nd by Kathy Groves, so moved

Youth Development:

YDC Report: Submitted via email 03/08/2023

It has been determined that a Splash pad will be too expensive for us to install. Our current

pricing for installation with recirculating water system (which is needed due to us not having

town water) is over $230,000. As a result, we have decided to concentrate our efforts in other

areas. We are currently looking into a skate park or a rollerblade area that can be converted to a

outdoor rink similar to what is found in New Waterford. We are in talks with a few people for

quotes on these projects. We have had Bernard Burke come to the recreation area and quote us

on creating a walking trail around the ballfield and creation of a pad for a 30×50 foot basketball court. It is our plan to have the walking trail as well as the basketball court completed by the end of the summer. I contacted ocean paving last year regarding the basketball court and we will also be seeking a quote from Blaine Landry at Capers Concrete.

Heidi LeRoux

Read and moved by Donna Babin, 2nd by Carolyn Fougere, so moved

Nominating committee – Election of officers and Board members for 2022 

Executive committee:

President:  Rose Merrick

Vice President:  vacant

Treasurer: Kathy Groves

Secretary: Donna Babin

Past President: Sharon Chilvers

Board members:

Festivals & Events: Sharon Chilvers & Rose Merrick co-Chair

Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Paul Martell Chair, (Visitation Parlour Kenny and Albert)

Youth Development: Heidi LeReux Chair

At large: Connie Stewart, Marc Touesnard, Wayne Bona, Carolyn Fougere

New Member Nominations:

Wayne Bona nominated: Doreen Boudreau and Tracey Samson-Smith to the Board of Directors. Nominations were put to the Board, new members were approved.

Welcome to the new members of RBCSS

New Business: Ricky Stone will not be returning as an active member of the board.

Next AGM Meeting will be: Thursday March 28th, 2024

Adjournment: Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at: 7:20pm

RBCSS AGM Minutes 2020

River Bourgeois Community Services Society

Annual General Meeting

November 23, 2020

Attendance: Rose Merrick, Mark Merrick, Tanya Burke, June Bourque, Carolyn Fougere, Sharon Chilvers, Connie Stewart, Marc Touesnard, Paul Martell, Wayne Bona, Donnie Potties and Kathy Groves (via telephone).

The annual general meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Rose Merrick, at 719 pm.

Mark Merrick moved the approval of the agenda seconded by Sharon Chilvers. Motion carried.

Connie Stewart moved the approval of the last AGM meeting, seconded by Paul Martell. Motion carried.

There was no business arising that wasn’t already dealt with during the year.


a/ Snow ploughing quote from Carl Grimes – Moved by Sharon Chilvers and seconded by Carolyn Fougere that we approved the cost at $185.00 per each snow ploughing, as needed. Motion carried.

b/ Snow shoveling of steps – Moved by Mark Merrick, seconded by Marc Touesnard that Michael Sampson be paid minimum wage to shovel the steps, when needed. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Kathy Groves provided a copy of her report.

There was a closing balance -$30,423. It was moved by June Bourque, seconded by Mark Merrrick, to accept the report. Motion carried.

Other Annual Reports:

Chairperson – Rose Merrick presented a verbal report stating that the Society had a super year, especially with the Chase the Ace fund raiser. Everyone did a great job and a lot of extra work, including participating and helping out with other events. Her report was accepted on a motion by Sharon Chilvers, seconded by Carolyn Fougere. Motion carried.

Property Services – Ricky Stone provided a written report on the work of this committee:

Maintenance Report:

1) Landry Bros. installed a new oil tank.

2) Valley Refrigeration came back to update all the heat pumps and do any repairs.

3) Water test was done by the inspector and everything was OK

4) Fire Marshal came in and gave a list of improvements to be made

5) Paul and I addressed these improvements, she returned and said she had no concerns but had a couple of recommendations. They were to install two directional exit signs in the kitchen and to maintain a log for maintenance on fire extinguishers and door closures(anything else that may need maintenance)6) Summer student did his normal duties(painting, repairs to garbage boxes, decks etc, mowing and anything asked of him. He did very well

7) A couple of things that have to be done soon:

-adjustment on door closure in furnace room

-directional signs in kitchen

-water tests

-tennis court have to come down

garbage box at the rear of the building needs repairs or to be replaced

8) Paul will be taking over as the lead contact for property services and I will help him if he needs it at any time that I can. Ricky Stone

Property Service report approval moved by Sharon Chilvers, seconded by Carolyn Fougere. Motion carried.

Festival Events and Fundraising report: Provided by Sharon Chilvers

Annual Meeting-October 28th, 2020

We began with the continuation of the 2018 Chase the Ace and made $89,525., each for the hall and Youth, less the expenses of the tickets and misc. items. We managed to hold on to the Ace until the final card.

The Cafe was also held each week and made a profit of $15,348.  Much work went into these projects and thanks to all who helped.

We immediately went into the Festival and although we scaled down this year for the “lack of energy” we still made a profit of $10,000. An additional $5378. was made from events such as Trivia Nights, three meal caterings and Winterlude dinner.

Non-profit events were also held such as Canada Day, Community Christmas Celebration and Christmas Baskets.

It was a great rewarding year also a bit tiring but thanks to everyone, our financial situation at year end was great.

Sharon and Rose.

New Business:

Nominating Committee: Election of offices and Board Members for 2021


President – Rose Merrick

Vice President – vacant

Treasurer – Kathy Groves

Secretary – vacant

Past President – Sharon Chilvers

Board Members:

Wayne Bona – Chair Tara Lynne Bursary

Sharon Chilvers – Chair Festival/fundraising Committee

Paul Martell – Chair Property Services

Ricky Stone – Property Services

June Bourque – Chair of Bar

Heidi LeRoux – Chair Youth Development Committee

Members At Large:

Marc Touesnard

Tanya Burke

Carolyn Fougere

Connie Stewart

Donna Babin

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, the next AGM will be decided at a later date.

The meeting was adjourned by the Chairperson, Rose Merrick at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Bona, Interim Secretary

Seniors 50+ AGM minutes 2021

31 Members present

  1. President Anne Sampson opened the meeting 1:00 pm
  2. League prayer read by Sharon Chilvers
  3. Minutes of the last annual meeting “2018” (no meeting was held in 2019) read by Sharon Chilvers (Secretary Donna Babin absent due to illness). Moved by Sharon Chilvers 2nd by John Digout, Motion carried.
  4. Treasurer Report for “2020” read by Sharon. Starting balance $2295.53 from 2019, ending balance $3172.80. Increase due to the sale of the furnace and kitchen cupboards. Due to the Covid-19 virus, no activity after March. Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Kim Henebry, Motion carried.
  5. President Anne Sampson’s report: Anne reported of changes in the building the past year. Building converted to electricity from oil due to cost. Cost paid by RBCSS (own the building), old furnace sold and also cupboard from the kitchen which is being transferred to gym storage, janitor dismissed because of Covid-19, phone cancelled, and only maintained minimum heat. Thanks to all who helped in keeping the building maintained.

Moment of silence for our deceased members: Jane Landry, Adolph Kehoe, Margaret Pottie, Michael Owens, Mary Bona and Viola Touesnard.

Anne announced her retirement after 26 years as President and was grateful for her sidekick Sharon Chilvers for the last 22 years, Secretary Donna Babin and all the members for their understanding and dedication.

Flowers and gift was presented to Anne and a resounding applause for her dedication.

Nominations done by Wayne Bona:

2021 Executive:

President: John Digout

Secretary: Kim Henebry

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers

1st Vice: Lucille Boudreau

New Business Suggested that we apply for Solar Panels on the grant from New Horizon for Senior’s

Merchandise Bingo on May 2nd, members asked to assist with prizes.

Present John Digout adjourned the meeting at 1:35


RB Seniors 50+ Club 2019 AGM Minutes

River Bourgeois Seniors 50+ Club  

Annual General Meeting  

April 23, 2019 



Number of members in attendance: 20 members 


President Anne Sampson called the meeting to order at: 12:03 pm 


The League Prayer was read by: Donna Babin 


The Minutes of the last Annual Meeting which took place on April 10, 2018, were read by Donna Babin, moved by Donna Babin, 2nd by Jerry Fougere, Motion carried 


Business arising from the last meeting: 

-New Horizon Grant: 

The electrician (V & L Electric), noted that the electrical panel was fine, an upgrade to a new one would require additional permits and costs. Instead we opted to apply for the grant to cover new chairs and a new floor. 

Hazel painted the baseboards and electrical outlets to match the floors and chairs. 

The old chairs are for sale at $10. /chair if anyone one wants one. 


The Treasurer’s Report was read by: Sharon Chilvers. There was a closing balance of:   $3138.03. 

Treasurer’s report was moved by Sharon Chilvers, 2nd by Susan Boudreau. Motion carried. 


President’s Report: 

2018/2019 Presidents Report 

At this time, it is necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To our secretary, Donna and our Treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping the pot holes in the driveway filled, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards. 

Weekly cribbage games continue, Music is now done twice a month, Tock games are monthly and our gym usage continues to grow. 

I we could have a moment of silence for our deceased members: Cathy Aikens, Joe Boucher, Ingrid Boutilier, and Gerry Casey.  

We received a $4300. Grant from New Horizon for equipment replacements for our gym. This year we received $10,000. To replace our floor and chairs. Thanks to Glenn, Hazel, Kenneth, Danny and Glyn for installing the floor and new baseboards and Hazel for doing the painting.   

On behalf of the club, I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this organization. 


Nominations for Executives: 

President: Anne Sampson 

Secretary: Donna Babin 

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers 

1st Vice: Lucile Boudreau 

2nd Vice: none 

Maintenance: Kenneth LeBlanc & Danny Landry 

Grounds: Glyn Chilvers 

Cards: Emily LeBlanc  

New Business: 

-New Horizons grant: 

Applications go in every May. We are going to put the next application in for, expanding the gym by getting rid of the kitchen downstairs and get new music equipment.  

Kitchen reno: Potential for a buyer for the kitchen cupboards.  

The renovation will require removal of the current electrical and plumbing left behind after the kitchen is removed and extend the flooring. 

The work required would be within the funds of the grant. 

Previous repairs have been done by New Horizon with no objections. 


Sharon Chilvers made a Motion to apply for this year’s New Horizon Grant to purchase more music equipment and the renovation costs to remove and repair the kitchen downstairs including the removal of the electrical and plumbing which will no longer be required and the extension and repair of the flooring after the cabinets have been removed. 

Sharon Chilvers moved her motion, 2nd by Susan Boudreau, motion carried. 

 President Anne Sampson adjourned the meeting at: 12:32 pm 2nd by: Sylvia Allan 

RBCSS 2019 AGM Minutes

RBCSS Annual General Minutes – Mar 24/2019 

 In attendance: Rose Merrick, Donna Babin, Sharon Chilvers, Wayne Bona, Glenn Pottie, Kathy Groves, Ricky Stone, Heidi LeRoux, Carolyn Fougere, Marc Touesnard 

Guest: Hazel Pottie 

Absent with regrets:  Connie Stewart, Tanya Burke, Paul Martell 


Call to order: Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm 

Approval of Agenda:  Kathy moved the agenda, 2nd by Glenn, so moved 

Approval of the minutes: (AGM 03/27/2018) Sharon moved the agenda, 2nd by Ricky, so moved 

 Business Arising from AGM March 27/2018:  

-Land parcel: find out what part of the ball field behind the cenotaph that we own. Check the dead and check with Ray MacRae or Kevin? Also check with the municipality. 

-Send a letter to the county to ask that the old unsightly fencing around the ballfield be taken down. 

_Kathy requests that all invoices for purchases be signed from Home Hardware. A plunger was purchased from Home Hardware and Kathy does not know who it was. 

-Send Burke Brothers Trucking (Bernard Burke) a thank you letter for all the plowing and help with the playground. Glenn suggested a plaque of appreciation. Ricky said he would check into it. 

-Tennis Court: Glenn suggested Pickle Ball. A stencil for the game will cost about $200.To be placed on just one of the courts for Sept to June.  

-We have completed the application of the Provincial Student grant for the Hall. 

-Good Friday: A cod supper. Cost of Cod $200., Hazel will check it out. 


Chairperson’s (Rose Merrick) Annual Report: 

Thank you to all, everyone worked extremely hard.  

It was greatly appreciated.  

Correspondence: none 

Treasurer’s Report:  

Kathy submitted her report: 

We ended the year with a balance of: $18,338.75 

Kathy moved her report, 2nd by Wayne, so moved 

Committee Reports: 


2018 Bar Report 

We had a total of 5 bar events this year 

Total money taken in was:          $ 1890.75 

Total expenses:                            (1152.56) 

Profit:                                               738.19 

There is approximately $500. In remaining inventory. 


(submitted via email) 


Festival/Fundraising/Events 2018 

In 2018 we held the following events: 

January: Trivia Night 

February: 1049 Ticket draw 

March: Cold plate take out dinner 

Chase the Ace and Café Luncheon started April and the Ace went in the end of June and we restarted a new one the following week and it is still going. 

Canada Day fell on a Sunday so we moved the Chase the Ace and Café to that day. 

Festival ran from August 26th to September 2nd. 

November, we had a Trivia Night. 

December “Winterlude” Dinner and Community Celebration. 

Total revenue from these events $61388.06 – $5044.00 (Chase the Ace Jackpot) = $56344.06 

Total expenses $25816.95 

Profit: $30527.11 

Great year and thanks to all who took part in making this happen. 

Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Glenn, so moved 

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:   

Property Services 

It has been a good year! Not to many major expenses, started out with hiring a great worker for the summer (Alex Poaps) 

We had to buy a new bush hog, and lumber to repair decks and bleachers, pretty much everything got newly painted. We also did plumbing, and replaced one of the toilets up at the canteen, also repaired canteen roof. We burned all old wood and brush that was left up at the canteen. 

We hired a worker and had him cut the trees across from the hall making it more visible. Which has been good as being we haven’t seen any vandalism since having it done. 

I was asked to contact a welding company to make and install a rail for up at the funeral parlour, which has been completed! 

Over all the snow plowing went well and didn’t need to many plow jobs. 

Ricky moved his report, 2nd by Kathy, so moved 

Youth Development: 

-Continuing fundraising efforts 

-Current fundraiser is a Gift Card Survivor and proceeds from Chase the Ace 

-Meeting to discuss summer fundraisers coming up 

-Playground installed this summer by Eastern Fencing 

-Bernard provided services for prepping and gravel, donated what he could 

-We were able to fund raise the money to pay off the playground and installation 

-We are currently fundraising for the splash pad. 

-Fundraisers past & current: 

Trivia Nights 

Spaghetti Supper 

Vendor Markets 

Wine Survivor 

Gift Survivor 

Subway Peelers 

Ball field Canteen 

Heidi moved her report, 2nd by Ricky, so moved YDC Report 2018 – year end 

Tara Lynne Bursary:  

There were two bursaries at $200 each 

Wayne moved his report, 2nd by Kathy, so moved 

Nomination Committee/Elected 2019 Board of Directors: 

Chair:                                                      Rose Merrick 

Vice Chair: 

Secretary:                                               Donna Babin 

Treasurer:                                               Kathryn Groves 

Past Chair:                                              Sharon Chilvers 

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:      Ricky Stone/Paul Martell (co-chairs) 

Bar Committee:                                       Glenn Pottie 

Event/Fundraising:                                  Sharon Chilvers/Rose Merrick (co-chairs) 

Youth Development:                                Heidi LeRoux 

Tara Lynn Bursary:                                  Wayne Bona 

 Members at large: 

Carolyn Fougere, Tanya Burke, Connie Stewart, Marc Touesnard 

New Business: 

New members: No new member 

Board members to complete the Membership and confidentiality agreements for 2019. 

Hire someone to do the clearing and yard work, make an itemized list of jobs to be done. Hire the first of April? Specify how long on hire for. 

Next meeting will be: April 24th (4th Wed. Of the month)  

 Adjournment:  President Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at 7:25pm 
















RB Senior’s 50+ Club 2018 Annual Minutes

Annual Meeting Minutes April 10/2018 

Attendance. There were 30 members in attendance 

 President Anne Sampson called the meeting to order at 12:25 pm 

 The League Prayer was read by Donna Babin 

 The minutes of the last annual meeting of April 4, 2017 was read by Donna Babin. 

Donna moved the minutes, 2nd by Jerry Fougere, so moved. 

Business arising from the last annual meeting: There was no business arising. 

The Treasurer’s report was read by Sharon Chilvers. There was a closing balance of $6001.63. Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Norma MacNeil. so moved. 

Nominations for the Executives: 

President:  Anne Sampson

Secretary:  Donna Babin 

Treasurer:  Sharon Chilvers 

1st Vice:     

2nd Vice:    

Maintenance:  Danny Landry and Kenneth LeBlanc 

Grounds:        Glyn Chilvers 

Cards:            Emily LeBlanc 

 Winner of the half and half ticket of $48. was Norma MacNeil 

 New Business:  

There will be a Merchandise Bingo on April 15th, we need member to make donations of 3 pies and 5 different cookies 

Next year we will be applying for the New Horizon grant for an electrical upgrade to catch up with the new fitness equipment. 

Anne Sampson was a recipient of the Provincial Volunteer Award 

 President’s Report: 

2017 River Bourgeois Seniors Club President’s Report 

At this time, it is necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To our secretary Donna and treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping the pot holes in the driveway filled, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards. 

We held two Merchandise Bingos besides our regular weekly cribbage game. We are doing monthly TOCK games and also doing Mexican Train Domino’s games, the club and community member enjoyed the Chinese Christmas dinner. Donna Babin represented our club last year and Anne Sampson will be this year’s representative. 

We have 93 members now, but sadly since the last meeting we lost 4 members, Dave Clow, Vera Sampson, Joe Sampson and George St Louis. If we could have a moment of silence. 

Our heat pumps were installed and we have reeked the benefits. We received a $4300. Grant from New Horizon for equipment replacements for the gym. An incumbent bike has been purchased so all of you with new knees and hips can use. A rowing machine, balance balls and bands are now on route. Thanks to Glenn and Hazel who removed all of the obsolete and dangerous equipment and also doing much needed great spring cleaning downstairs. 

On behalf of the club I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this great organization. 


President Anne Sampson adjourned the meeting at 12:45 pm 


RBCSS 2018 AGM Minutes

RBCSS AGM Minutes March 28, 2018 

In attendance:  Rose Merrick, Donna Babin, Kathryn Groves, Sharon Chilvers, Glenn Pottie, Tanya Burke, Connie Stewart, Paul Martell, Marc Touesnard and Hazel Pottie. 

Absent with regrets:  Carolyn Fougere (away), Wayne Bona (Family), Ricky Stone (ill) 

Absent: Heidi LeRoux, Donnie Pottie 

Call to order: Rose called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm 

Approval of Agenda:  Sharon moved the agenda, 2nd by Kathryn, so moved 

Approval of the minutes: (AGM March 22/2017) Glenn moved the approval of the minutes, 2nd by Tanya, so moved. 

Business Arising from AGM March 22/2017: There was now business arising from our last annual meeting. 

Chairpersons (Rose Merrick) Annual report: 

Thanks to everyone for making 2017 yet another successful year. I will let each chairperson give you the details in their report. 

Heat pumps were a major issue resulting in heating expenses to be very high. It is somewhat resolved. 

As part of the Canada 150 project part two was the resurfacing of the Tennis Courts. Sharon will give details on her report. As a result of the courts expense, much of our fundraising went to subsidize this project. We need to curb any major project until we are back to where we were financially. 

Funeral Home name was changed on the sign to read “Visitation Parlour” Thanks to Boudreau Funeral Home for doing it no charge and for Albert Burke taking care of the maintenance. 

Our Chase the Ace and Café’ lasted from April 2nd to September. Lots of hard work goes into these projects and thanks to all who help each week. We can always use more volunteers. 

We were once again fortunate to have two students with us again for 8 and 10 weeks respectively. 

In closing, I wish a successful year in 2018 and many thanks to the Board of directors and committee chairs for their dedication and I welcome you all back. 


CorrespondenceWe received our Food Handling Sticker 

Treasurer’s Report:  

Kathy submitted her report: 

We ended the year with a balance of:  ($9228.87) 

Kathy moved her report, 2nd by Connie, so moved 

Committee Reports: 

Bar: (emailed in) 

Feb 4-Trivia Night          Expense:   $144.46          Money taken in:     $309.00 

Jun 17-Trivia night                             413.44                                          464.00 

Jul 15-Wedding                                 803.34                                         1032.00

Jul 22-Dance                                     434.73                                           401.00

Aug 3-Anniversary Party                     00.00                                           358.00

Aug 5-Wedding                                  392.33                                        1295.00

Aug.12-Anniversary Party                  451.58                                          635.50 

Aug.26-Pub Night                             1246.92                                          203.75 

Sept 1-Trivia Night                                62.30                                          603.00 

Sept 2-Festival dance                         310.58                                        1264.00 

Dec.2-Trivia Night                               147.63                                          511.50 

Totals:                                                $4580.99                                       $7774.75 

Remaining Inventory: $500.00  

Submitted by Glenn (via email) 



Canada 150 part two Project the “Tennis Court”. Cost of the Tennis Courts far exceeded our original expectation as a result of an error on the application and then the receiving of only 50% of the government funding instead of 75%. We received a lot of funding from the community but still had a shortfall of $22,000.00 of the total cost of $52,000.00. Much of our fundraising in 2017 went to cover the difference. On the positive side, we have a wonderful tennis courts for many years to come. 

We restarted our Chase the Ace in April and had two runs of it. One went after 12 cards and one after 13 cards. We had a profit but not as much as expected but those are the chances we have to take Revenue $7000.00. Meanwhile our Café’ that was opened at the same time did very well. Revenue $10,625.00. 

We held our Trivia Nights during the year that were successful. 

Our Canada Day Celebrations was successful as usual and well attended. The 39th Annual Festival was well attended and with a profit of $10,905.00. 

The Haunted House was cancelled this year due to exhausted workers. 

We decided instead to hold a “Winterlude Dinner” which far exceeded our expectations. We had exceptional help from our youth and the event was a huge hit. 

The year ended with our usual Community Christmas Celebration to thank our patrons for their assistance throughout the year. 

To a much better year in 2018. Thanks to your support. 

Sharon moved her report, 2nd by Glenn, so moved  

Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Not available  

Youth Development: Not available  

Tara Lynne Bursary: The recipients of this year’s Bursary’s are: Emilie Poaps & Aiden Samson  

Nomination Committee/Elected 2018 Board of Directors: 

Chair: Rose Merrick 

Vice Chair: none 

Secretary: Donna Babin 

Treasurer: Kathryn Groves 

Past Chair: Sharon Chilvers 

Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Ricky Stone 

Bar Committee: Glenn Pottie 

Event/Fundraising: Rose Merrick/Sharon Chilvers 

Youth Development: Heidi LeRoux 

Tara Lynn Bursary: Wayne Bona  

Members at large:

Tanya Burke

Carolyn Fougere

Paul Martell

Connie Stewart

Marc Touesnard

New Business: 

New members: Sharon moved the addition of two new board members, Paul Martell & Marc Touesnard, 2nd by Glenn, so moved 

The board has welcomes our new members.  

Next meeting will be: April 25th (4th Wed. Of the month)   

AdjournmentPresident Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at 7:25 pm