Year in review 2023/2024


As we gather for our annual meeting, I am pleased to reflect on a year marked by substantial progress and achievement across various projects. These accomplishments include the leveling and installation of new flooring in the basement, c@psite and bathroom, as well as the successful installation of new heating radiators. Additionally, we saw the transition to an electric furnace, replacing outdated systems, and improvements in ventilation throughout the premises. A new hot water heater was installed and the implementation of a durable metal roof, effectively resolving longstanding issues with leaks. The total investment in these initiatives amounted to $82,000, supported by contributions of $5,000 from the municipality and $29,800 from the province, with the remaining balance sourced from fundraising activities.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the diligent efforts of our board members throughout the year, whose dedication has been invaluable in driving our collective success. As we move forward, you will hear comprehensive reports from the chairs of our various committees. I extend my gratitude to each member of the board for their unwavering commitment and collaboration, and I eagerly anticipate another year of shared accomplishments and growth.

Thank you.

Rose Merrick, President

Youth Development Committee

They have been very busy with their projects.
The ball field received a much needed overhaul. Many loads of sand were
used to upgrade the infield and dugouts have been upgraded.
Brush was cleared all around the outside of the ball field and after countless
loads of gravel a new walkway was created which extends to the children’s
park and back to the car lot. A few adjustments as a result of heavy rains will
be made following the winter months.
A basketball court is being built alongside of the ball field canteen and will
be completed soon.
A children’s non-verbal communication board and also two other children’s
houses for youngsters under 5yrs is scheduled to arrive this week, however it
will not be installed in the children’s playground until the spring.

Year in review 2023

RBCSS accomplishments in 2023

We saw the completion of the ball field canteen
A new metal roof was installed on the Tara Lynne Centre
Floors downstairs in the main room and in the Old Cap Site room were
leveled and new Vinyl Tiles were installed along with new heaters,
baseboards and a fresh coat of paint.
A new Electric furnace and electric water heater was installed. We no longer
use oil for heating and water.
A door for one of the back entrances of Tara Lynne Centre has been ordered.
The cost of this entire project was over $82,000. We received a Provincial
Grant of $29,000 and a Municipal Grant of $5,000. The balance was funded
by the monies from Chase the Ace and the Café Luncheon. We thank all
who supported our fundraiser.
The Visitation Parlor had some major repairs done to the rotting beams.
Thanks to Kenneth and Albert for their creative repairs.
Our “45 Annual Festival” was once again a success. Rose Merrick was
acknowledged for her twelve years as President of RBCSS and twenty-four
year of dedicated service to her community. Congratulations Rose

Year in review 2022

2022 Highlights

Following 49 weeks of Chase the Ace and weekly Café Luncheons the Ace
of Spades was picked on July 28th and Sylvia Allen was the recipient of
$30,080.00. Congratulations. We will restart next April after a much needed
rest. Thanks to all our volunteers and our wonderful bakers. We could not do
this without you.
In July we also saw the completion of the installation of Solar Panels on the
Anne Sampson Building. Thanks to a grant from New Horizon Seniors
Program and one from Efficiency Nova Scotia, there was no cost to us and
with the additional monies we were able to add a new door and a couple of
new heaters.
During the summer months a new ball field canteen was built, replacing the
much deteriorated old one at a cost of over $32,000. Thanks to the
Municipality of Richmond for their contribution of $9,000.00 and the
Federal Government contribution of $7417.00. A new lawn mower was also
Our 44th Annual Community Festival was held. With great weather, good
attendance, and limited events despite Covid-19 again this year, we manage
to have a successful Festival.
With the continuing rise in the cost of living the Board of Directors have
decided we needed to upgrade our heating system. A consultant from
Efficiency Nova Scotia met with three of the board members on November
7th to discuss what was required to bring the building to it maximum
efficiency. He did an overall review of the building, and we are awaiting his
final report.

Year in review 2020

River Bourgeois Community Services Society


In 2019 The Society had a super year, especially with the Chase the Ace fundraiser. Everyone did a great job and a lot of extra work, including participating and helping out with other events.

In 2020 we started off with much enthusiasm, however by March the whole country was shut down due to epidemic Covid-19. In July we were approached by Future Worx who desperately needed a place to train LPN for the next 12 months. The rent helped us pay a good portion of our expenses.


Year in review: 2019

Our Chase the Ace which began on July 1st, 2018 came to an end on August 15th, 2019 with a record of going to the 52nd card before the Ace of Spades was chosen. Final payout for the 52 weeks was accumulative Jackpot of $141,910.00 + the weekly 20% for that week of $26,822.00 giving the winner Jean Pottie of L’ardoise a cheque for $168,732.00. RBCSS and Youth Development each received a total of $110,976.76 after expenses. 

This funding assisted us on day to day operation, pay off our Heat Pumps and do some much needed repairs in the hall and the rest of the complex. Several other projects have been postponed until 2020.

Our weekly Café continues to be a big hit each week. It was in operation from January to mid-August.

Our 41st annual Festival saw the addition of a successful Dinner Theatre. Festival numbers were down from previous years but the success of the Chase the Ace ending just two weeks prior was most likely a factor.

We catered to the 150 Anniversary of St. John the Baptist Church celebration along with two meals for the Catholic Woman’s League. 

Celebrations were held on Canada Day and our Annual Community Christmas

Three Trivia and Pub Nights were held along with three Concerts 

The 3rd Annual Winterlude dinner was held in December with entertainment following. 

It was a very busy year and so many of these events could not have happened without the huge support of the community.

Thank you to everyone

RBCSS Board of directors.

Year in review 2018

In 2018 River Bourgeois Community Services Society accomplishments:

The Youth Committee saw the installation of their new children’s playground. Thanks to the Municipality of Richmond for the $7500. grant. They also continue in their quest to raise funds towards the splash pad.

The 40th Annual Festival celebrated their “Ruby Jubilee” anniversary. Net income was  $11798.95.

Tara Lynne Bursaries were awarded to Jaden Bona and Emily O’Brian.

Chase the Ace and the Cafe’ began in April and is continuing. The Ace was drawn in July, so we started again the following week. The current jackpot is now $4800. plus. The profits from this successful project has enabled RBCSS to pay our day to day operational expenses.

We had several other fundraisers during 2018 including: the Robert Bouchard Concert, Trivia Nights, Cold Plate takeout, and our Winterlude dinner.

Summer Student Grants from the Provincial and Federal Government allowed us to hire Emilee Poaps as our Festival Co-ordinator and Alexander Poaps as our Property Caretaker.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

From the Board of River Bourgeois Community Services Society

Year In Review: 2017

Events and Fundraising:

We had three Trivia Nights, Pub Night, July 1st, Winterlude Dinner and Community Celebrations.

We began a “Lotto 10/49 Fundraiser” on December 9th. We have netted $510.00.

We had two Chase the Ace this year. One from April to June and one from July to October. and netted $3596.02. (The Youth Development Committee netted and equal amount)

The Bourgeois Cafe’ ran for the same period as the Chase the Ace and netted $10,625.20.

The 39th Annual River Bourgeois Festival netted $10,905.07.


The Tennis Courts were totally revamped. This was part two of the Canada 150 projects. The Parking Lot was given a much needed gravel uplift, along with the property around the courts and Hall.

The Youth Development Committee (who are under the umbrella of RBCSS’s but run completely independent) did some major fund raising. They purchased new playground equipment which arrived in November and will be installed in the spring. They continue to raise funds to eventually install a splash pad.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from the Board of River Bourgeois Community Services Society

RBCSS Board of Directors: President Rose Merrick, Secretary Donna Babin, Treasurer Kathryn Groves, Past President Sharon Chilvers, Wayne Bona, Mike Fougere, Glenn Pottie, Ricky Stone, Connie Stewart, Carolyn Fougere, Heidi Leroux, Tanya Burke


Year in review: 2016

Year in review: 2016


We had three Trivia Nights, a Pub Night, July 1st celebrations and the Haunted House.

We also had the Chase the Ace from April to September with a net profit to RBCSS of $8691.56.

The Bourgeois Cafe was also opened during the same period as the Chase the Ace and netted $9767.01.

The 38th Annual Festival netted a profit of $17130.07.


Heat pumps were installed at the Tara Lynne Centre.

Two energy efficient food and drink coolers were installed (upstairs and downstairs)

Upstairs of the Tara Lynne Centre was painted.

Repairs were done on the ball field bleachers and the ball field canteen.


Looking forward to many upcoming events and celebrations for Canada’s 150th!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Board of Directors of The River Bourgeois Community Services Society