Community Volunteer appreciation

RBCSS would like to acknowledge the many men and women who volunteer many hours to the
community behind the scenes on our behalf.
Funeral Home
Albert Burke/ Kenneth LeBlanc who do the maintenance and grounds upkeep
Marie and Conrad Fougere who take the bookings, cleaning and takes care of kitchen supplies
Bernard Burke for doing all the plowing at no cost
Gerald LeBlanc for doing the painting and maintenance
Gary Burke for picking up our garbage at no cost
Seniors Building
John Digout/ Wayne Bona for the “Gerry’s Music Circle
Leona Campbell /Florence Landry for keeping the gym clean
Danny Landry/Kenneth LeBlanc for doing the building and gym equipment maintenance
Glyn Chilvers for doing the grounds keeping
Cenotaph/ Monument
Donnie Pottie/Raymond Doary for their continuous dedication to perfection
Baseball field
Joan Burke taking the bookings and all who maintain the field especially Stewart Kelly
Trivia Nights
Janice Touesnard organizes Trivia nights several times a year along with her team, hubby Ervin, Debbie & David Digout, Karin & Art Digout and Pat & Karl Nightingale
Bakers: Over sixty bakers helped us out this past Chase the Ace/ Café Luncheon. We could not do these meals without your help as we need two bakers each week. Very much appreciated.
Servers: Thanks so much for your assistance, we are so grateful. Thanks Susan Boudreau for years of washing dishes.
Cooks: Thanks to the Lobster Fisherman for their donations once again, Dolores Roberts, Arthur Doary, Janice
Touesnard, Sharon Stone and our anonymous cook for the donated meals.
Canteen: Thanks to all who volunteered, especially our young helpers Karson, Keighan, Kate, Amelia and Julia.
As a result of Covid19 conditions many of the events were not possible Thanks to all who organized the events?
Merchandise Bingo: Sharon thanks all the local business for their donation of prizes and caller Tina Coleman.
Music Night:John Digout/Wayne Bona and their many friends who entertained
Trivia: Janice Touesnard and friends and our emcee Karl Nightingale
Softball: Tracy Baker who organized an exceptional ball tournament and winning teams for donating their cash prize to RBCSS. All who barbecued and worked the canteen
Men’s Breakfast:Donnie Pottie and his male staff for another awesome breakfast
Dinner: Rose Merrick for organizing a delicious dinner and thanks to a great staff of volunteers
Concert: Wayne Bona for doing the sound and Robert Bouchard for the entertainment
Quilt: Thanks to Susan Walker for donating a quilt once again.

If anyone was missed, please accept our apology. We appreciate each and every volunteer.

RBCSS Board of Directors:


President: Rose Merrick- Rose joined the Board in 1999 and serves as President since 2012. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Festival, Events and Fundraising Committee.
Treasurer: Kathryn Groves- Kathryn arrived on the shores of River Bourgeois during Hurricane Earl 2016 and a year later joined the Board as Treasurer. She does not only take wonderful care of our money, but helps out at almost every RBCSS function. She is best known for picking the weekly winning ticket at Chase the Ace.
Secretary: Donna Babin- Donna joined the Board in 2014 as Secretary and has done some amazing work. She keeps the Website up to date and does the Festival Brochures besides her secretarial duties.
Past President: Sharon Chilvers joined the Board in 1999 and is Co-Chair of the Festival, Events and
Fundraising Committee. She also does the Funding Grants for RBCSS, Seniors Club and Summer Students.
Board Members at Large:
Wayne Bona- Wayne has been a Board member since 1982 and has served as President. He is Chair of the Policy & amp; Procedures Committee and does the sound for all the music function at the hall.
Connie Stewart- Connie joined the Board in 2010 and is still in the work force until the end of each summer but makes up for lost time during the Festival events and all Christmas functions.
Carolyn Fougere- Carolyn joined the Board in 2013 and works at every function RBCSS holds. She is the epitome of a volunteer
Paul Martell- Paul joined the Board in 2012 and is Chair of Property Service. He is responsible for the upkeep of both the RBSS buildings and the grounds. Many hours of work goes into this position plus Paul is always available to help in hall functions.
Ricky Stone- Ricky joined the Board also in 2012 and served many years as Chair of Property Services, however due to health restrictions he now assist Paul and spends many hours also, as this position is a two- person job. He has supervised Summer Students for 10 years. He is always ready to give a helping hand

Tanya Burke- joined the Board in 2010. Tanya’s creativity is invaluable and works when she can as she is still in the work force.
Marc Touesnard- Marc Joined the Board in 2015 and also works at most functions and barbecues at the ball field canteen. He is still in the workforce and cannot always be there
Heidi LeRoux- Heidi our newest member joined the Board in 2017 as Chair of the Youth Development. She made an immediate impact with her fundraising abilities and in 2019 the children had a new playground. She is in the process of adding several new projects to the River Bourgeois Complex in 2023.
Behind members of the Board are the spouses that are there to assist at many of these functions or work behind the scenes. Thanks to Mark, Bob, Leo, Glyn, Lucille, Sharon, Jamie, Charlene and Garrett.

Please note: The longevity on RBCSS Board of Directors indicates a great team. Anyone wishing to make an impact in our community can contact Rose Merrick. Many hands make less work. All are welcome

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