RB Seniors 50+ AGM Minutes 2023

RB Seniors 50+ Club

AGM Minutes

March 21, 2023

Members Present: 13

The meeting was called to order at:  1:00 pm.

The League prayer was read by Secretary Kim Boudreau

Approval of the agenda , not read

Approval of the minutes: Secretary Kim Boudreau read the minutes of March 29th, 2022, Kim moved that the Minutes be accepted, seconded by Wayne Bona, motion carried.

Old business:None

Correspondence: No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer, Sharon Chilvers read her report. 

Treasurer’s report for 2022, read by Sharon Chilvers. Starting balance: $3122.34, ending balance: $4259.22. Sharon moved her report, seconded by Cletus Wedge, motion carried.

President John Digout’s Annual Report:

River Bourgeois Senior’s Report for 2022 Our seniors club has had a wonderful year despite covid-19 closed our doors for the first couple of months. We saw our membership grow to 108 members, The strongest for several years. Our music sessions continue to be well attended with as many as twenty musicians each time. In September we saw the final insulation of our Solar System and immediately saw its benefits. In the winter months especially November to February we had very little sunshine which resulted in very little solar power. This should be avoided next year as we will be accumulating lots from the sun from March on to get us through next winter. I want to take this time to thank those who help us on a regular basis in keeping our music sessions going, those who continue to maintain our building. Special Thanks to the executive for their dedication

President John Digout read his report, he moved it to be accepted, seconded by Wayne Bona, motion carried.

Moment of Silence for our Deceased members: Jeanette Landry, Leda Koning, Marion Maltby, Kenny Cosman and Cletus Touesnard

Nominations for the 2023 Executive Committee are opened by Wayne Bona:

President: John Digout (will remain as President)

Secretary: Donna Babin (has been voted in as Secretary)

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers (will remain as Treasurer)

1st Vice: Janice Touesnard 

New Business:

We already have many rentals from the County, 44 between April and May. Talks are in the works for moving the Music Circle to the Tara Lynne Centre.

Kim Boudreau verbally resigned as Secretary, note an official written resignation will follow.

President John Digout adjourned the meeting at: 1:30 pm

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