RB Senior’s 50+ Club 2016 Annual Minutes

River Bourgeois Seniors 50+ Club – Annual Meeting April 12 2016

52 members present.

President Ann Sampson to open meeting

The League Prayer :Read by Sharon

Minutes from last annual meeting April 13, 2015:Read by Sharon due to Secretary Donna Babin being unable to attend due to illness.2nd by Theresa Sampson Motion carried.

New Business :none

The Treasurer’s report :Moved by Sharon 2nd by Mary Ellen. Motion carried

President’s Report:

2015 River Bourgeois Seniors Club President’s Report

We had some wonderful things happen in 2015 and some major disappointments. First I want to thank everyone for the tribute that was made for me during the Festival. I was so honored that you would do this and even having the building named for me. Sharon I could never thank you enough. I know it was all you’re doing.

We held two merchandise bingos besides our regular 45, cribbage and mini bingo games. The club and community members enjoyed the monthly music sessions with Edna and Gerry and friends. We all enjoyed the Chinese Christmas dinner, Valentine’s Day. Kenneth and Gloria were named King and Queen. Anne Louise represented our club at the volunteer dinner last year and Theresa Sampson will be this year’s representative.

The bad news is that when we started to paint our building it was discovered that there were not only many rotted shingles but the wood beneath was also rotten. The cost was over $10,000 above the grant. We were fortune that we had some funds left over from our chase the Ace and we can thank RBCSS who paid for half of the over cost.

At this time it necessary to thank all those who work so hard year after year in making the club a success. To: my secretary Donna and Treasurer Sharon for their continuous dedication to the club. Thanks to Danny and Kenneth for keeping our building in good repair, Glyn for keeping our grounds always looking good, and Emily who sends get well and sympathy cards.

We have 121 members now but sadly we lost 2 members Therese Digout, Valerie Boyd. If we could have a moment of silence

We fail to get a grant from New Horizons for heat pumps, however we are going to try again this year. We did get $3000 from Positive Aging to pay for our exercise class from April until November, however they would not renew the program for this year.

On behalf of the club I want to thank each and every one of you for being part of this great organization. Anne

Nominations for the Executives: done by Rose Merrick

President :Anne Sampson

Secretary: Donna Babin

Treasurer: Sharon Chilvers

1st Vice: Carl Grimes

2nd Vice :Lucille Boudreau

Maintenance: Danny Landry & Kenneth LeBlanc

Grounds: Glyn Chilvers

Cards: Emily LeBlanc

Discussion period: Emphasis on the fact that the seniors do get 50% of the profit from Chase the Ace each week and anyone who can assist or partake should support the club

President Anne adjourns meeting

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