RBCSS Annual Meeting March 25th, 2015

River Bourgeois Community Services Society Annual General Meeting Minutes March 25, 2015

Attendance:  Rose Merrick, Sharon Chilvers, Connie Stewart, Debra Burke, Tanya Burke, Carolyn Fougere, Raymond Doary, Donna Babin, Theresa Sampson, Wayne Bona, Kathryn Groves, Glenn Pottie.

Call to order: Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.

Agenda: Donna Babin moved the acceptance of the agenda. Carolyn Fougere seconded, Motion carried.

Minutes from March 25, 2014 Annual General Meeting: Sharon Chilvers moved the acceptance of the minutes, Tanya Burke seconded. Motion carried.

Business arising from March 25, 2014 Annual General Meeting: Nothing noted.

Correspondence: Thank you card from East Richmond Education Centre for the donations of the children’s shirts.

Chairperson’s (Rose Merrick) Annual Report – highlights Include: Rose thanked all the members of the Board of Directors for all of their work during the past year. It was a great year with many new projects. Thanks to the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments for their grants to assist in these projects.

Treasurer’s Annual Report: Annual minutes were approved at the January meeting due to change in the Treasurer. A copy will be supplied at the next regular meeting.

Bar’s Annual Report: No report was presented.

Festival, Entertainment and Fundraising Annual Report: The Committee organized the following: Festival celebrating our 300 th Birthday. It was the most successful festival ever with a net profit of $ 23,019. Fundraising events included: Merchandise Bingo, a Haunted House, Canada Day celebrations and the Memory Tree. Total profit from these functions was $ 6229. We also had our annual Christmas Celebration and the 4 th Annual Earth Day. Many thanks to all who assisted in making these events so successful. Sharon Chilvers moved her report, 2nd by Theresa Sampson. Motion carried.

Property Services Annual Report: Raymond Doary reported the many projects that took place at the Funeral Home including: new lights in the foyer, air conditioner, water filtration system, landscaping and new lighting for the parking lot. He thanked Marie and Conrad for the cleaning and Burke Bros. for the plowing and sanding at no charge. Raymond moved his report, it was 2nd by Kathryn Groves. Motion carried.

Nominating Committee: Sharon Chilvers did the Nominations as follows:

Chair:                     Rose Merrick

Vice Chair:             no one to fill this position at this time.

Secretary:              Donna Babin *

Treasurer:              Debra Burke

Past Chair:             none

Property Services: no one to fill this position at this time

Bar Committee:       no one to fill this position at this time

Event/Fundraising:  Rose Merrick/Sharon Chilvers

Board of Directors:  Members at Large:

Sharon Chilvers, Theresa Sampson, Connie Stewart, Kathryn Groves, Debra Burke, Tanya Burke, Carolyn Fougere, Donna Babin, Raymond Doary, Wayne Bona and Glenn Pottie.

Rose Merrick welcomed everyone to the 2015 River Bourgeois Community Services Society Board of Directors.

New Business:

1/ Moved by Theresa Sampson that RBCSS move forward in the hiring of an individual to work for the next several months on the Lampss (Federal Unemployment Program) at no cost to RBCSS. 2nd by Glenn Pottie. Motion carried.

2/ Moved by Wayne Bona that we start the Chase the Ace fundraiser with the sum of $500.00. 2nd by Carolyn Fougere. Motion carried.

3/ Moved by Sharon Chilvers that Debra Burke purchase Microsoft software for the RBCSS computer, 2nd by Donna Babin. Motion carried.

Meeting Adjourned by Rose Merrick at 7:20 pm.




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