RBCSS AGM Minutes 2023

RBCSS Annual General Meeting

March 16th, 2023


In attendance:  Rose Merrick, Wayne Bona, Sharon Chilvers, Paul Martell, Carolyn Fougere, Kathy Groves, Donna Babin, Marc Touesnard, Connie Stewart

Guest/s: Doreen Boudreau, Tracey Samson-Smith

Absent with regrets: Heidi


Call to order: Rose Merrick called the meeting to order at 6:32pm

Approval of agenda: Sharon Chilvers moved the agenda, 2nd by Paul Martel, motion carried 

Approval of minutes:  Sharon Chilvers moved the Mar 17/22 AGM Minutes, 2nd by Carolyn Fougere, motion carried.

Business arising:  

Dog park question of 2022: after discussion, only if we can find someone to take it on.

Put up a nice Visitation Parlour sign at the highway exit

Ref: Property Service report #10. Fixing roof cost? Blaire may have some surplus metal roofing. We only have one shot through the county for a grant, so we don’t want to use it on the roof.

Correspondence:  No correspondence

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer’s Annual Report attached. Kathy Groves moved her report, 2nd my Wayne Bona, motion carried

Committee Reports: (Annual summary)


Our Chase the Ace went for 48 weeks before the Ace was picked by Sylvia Allan, it was worth $30,080.00 RBCSS and the Youth Development received $13,142.72 each in 2022. The first six months profit of $9356.72 each were in 2021.

Our Cafe’ had a net profit of $8140.81 from Jan. to July in 2022.

Festival had a net profit of $10,099.38. Attendance was better than previous year. 

Thanks to Rose for my Roast and special award. It was a surprise but much appreciated.

All three fundraisers were way down compared to pre-Covid 19 and also because of the rise in the cost of living.

We had two Trivia Nights fundraisers.

Special events: July 1st was not held due to it falling on a Sunday and we had already worked on Saturday.

The Community Christmas Celebration was very well attended.

That is it for 2022.

Sharon Chilvers and Rose Merrick

Sharon Chilvers moved her report, 2nd by Kathy Groves, so moved.

Property Services/Visitation Parlour:

  1. A new mower was purchased from Babin’s in the spring of 2022

  2. The old clubhouse and canteen were torn down and the area was cleaned in preparation for the new clubhouse.

  3. Work on the replacement clubhouse and canteen was begun in the fall and is still being worked on. Walls and bathrooms still require installment and the building has to be painted for completion of this project. Grants of $9000.00 from the Municipality and $7400.00 from the Government Were approved for the project.

  4. Material has to be purchased for plumbing work to install toilets and sinks in the Tara Lynne Centre. The labor costs for this work is being donated by Johnathan Stone.

  5. Mike MacPhee sign has to be removed and debris moved away.

  6. The tennis nets were removed last fall and should be looked at and a decision made whether to replace them or try to fix them.

  7. The sheds have been cleaned of garbage and a load was taken to the dump by John Burke.

  8. A new garbage bin was constructed and put in place. The old bin needs to be taken apart for bulk garbage pick up.

  9. The fire extinguishers in all three locations were checked and serviced by Strait Fire Extinguishers.

  10. There have been 3 quotes submitted regarding the roof repairs. We’re still awaiting word whether the grant will be approved or not.

  11. There has been no further word on the approval of the generator for a proposed Comfort Centre at the Tara Lynne Centre. Several calls were made to check on it’s status with no update to report.

Paul Martell moved his report, 2nd by Kathy Groves, so moved

Youth Development:

YDC Report: Submitted via email 03/08/2023

It has been determined that a Splash pad will be too expensive for us to install. Our current

pricing for installation with recirculating water system (which is needed due to us not having

town water) is over $230,000. As a result, we have decided to concentrate our efforts in other

areas. We are currently looking into a skate park or a rollerblade area that can be converted to a

outdoor rink similar to what is found in New Waterford. We are in talks with a few people for

quotes on these projects. We have had Bernard Burke come to the recreation area and quote us

on creating a walking trail around the ballfield and creation of a pad for a 30×50 foot basketball court. It is our plan to have the walking trail as well as the basketball court completed by the end of the summer. I contacted ocean paving last year regarding the basketball court and we will also be seeking a quote from Blaine Landry at Capers Concrete.

Heidi LeRoux

Read and moved by Donna Babin, 2nd by Carolyn Fougere, so moved

Nominating committee – Election of officers and Board members for 2022 

Executive committee:

President:  Rose Merrick

Vice President:  vacant

Treasurer: Kathy Groves

Secretary: Donna Babin

Past President: Sharon Chilvers

Board members:

Festivals & Events: Sharon Chilvers & Rose Merrick co-Chair

Property Services/Visitation Parlour: Paul Martell Chair, (Visitation Parlour Kenny and Albert)

Youth Development: Heidi LeReux Chair

At large: Connie Stewart, Marc Touesnard, Wayne Bona, Carolyn Fougere

New Member Nominations:

Wayne Bona nominated: Doreen Boudreau and Tracey Samson-Smith to the Board of Directors. Nominations were put to the Board, new members were approved.

Welcome to the new members of RBCSS

New Business: Ricky Stone will not be returning as an active member of the board.

Next AGM Meeting will be: Thursday March 28th, 2024

Adjournment: Rose Merrick adjourned the meeting at: 7:20pm

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