Board Members

For more information on the River Bourgeois Community Services or any of its committees and projects, please phone us at one of the committee contact numbers below or contact us by mail at:

River Bourgeois Community Services Society PO Box 56 River Bourgeois, NS B0E 2X0

Current RBCSS Board of Directors
Chairperson: Rose Merrick 535-2141 ">
Past Chairperson: Sharon Chilvers 535-2512 ">
Vice Chairperson: Position currently not filled
Secretary:  Donna Babin 535-2550 
Treasurer:  Kathryn Groves  535-2644  eMail Kathryn
Co-Chairs Event/Fundraising Director:
Sharon Chilvers  535-2512  ">
Rose Merrick   535-2141  
Property Services:   Ricky Stone  535-2329 
                                     *Paul Martell  535-2562  
Bar Committee:  June Bourque  580-9543
Visitation Parlour/Cenotaph Committee:
contact Paul Martell 535-2562  
Tara Lynne Bursary Committee:   Wayne Bona  227-0442  ">eMail Wayne
Youth Development Co-ordinator: Heidi LeRoux  535-3789  ">
Members at large:

Tanya Burke

Carolyn Fougere

Connie Stewart

Marc Touesnard

Janitor: position not presently filled