Edwin Bona Ball Field

June 26/2014

All procedures and policies will be in compliance with the By-laws of the River Bourgeois Services Society.

River Bourgeois Community Services Society shall provide ball field facilities, and set the rules for use, to groups and/or individuals from River Bourgeois and surrounding areas.

Rules of the Ball Field include:

1.     Ball field must be booked to secure the use of the field.

2.     Teams/Community groups reserving field times will be given priority.

3.     Raking of the infield, as well as application of field lines (lime or white paint only) are the responsibility of the user.

4.     Use at own risk. River Bourgeois Community Services Society assumes no liability.

5.     Please play responsibly and no use of profanity.

6.     No players or fans (non-players) on the field under the age of 12 years, unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

7.     Absolutely no alcohol or illegal substances permitted on the field and or grounds. Public intoxication will not be tolerated.

8.     No unauthorized motorized vehicles or bicycles on the field.

9.     No littering. All garbage, cans, bottles, etc., must be put in the garbage containers.

10.     Damages to the property will result in the individual or group being banned from the premises and/or criminal charges may result.

Any exception to the above policies/procedures must be approved by the River Bourgeois Community Services Society Board of Directors.

The above policies/procedures supersede any policies/procedures previously put in place by the River Bourgeois Community Services Society Board of Directors.