Year in review 2022

2022 Highlights

Following 49 weeks of Chase the Ace and weekly Café Luncheons the Ace
of Spades was picked on July 28th and Sylvia Allen was the recipient of
$30,080.00. Congratulations. We will restart next April after a much needed
rest. Thanks to all our volunteers and our wonderful bakers. We could not do
this without you.
In July we also saw the completion of the installation of Solar Panels on the
Anne Sampson Building. Thanks to a grant from New Horizon Seniors
Program and one from Efficiency Nova Scotia, there was no cost to us and
with the additional monies we were able to add a new door and a couple of
new heaters.
During the summer months a new ball field canteen was built, replacing the
much deteriorated old one at a cost of over $32,000. Thanks to the
Municipality of Richmond for their contribution of $9,000.00 and the
Federal Government contribution of $7417.00. A new lawn mower was also
Our 44th Annual Community Festival was held. With great weather, good
attendance, and limited events despite Covid-19 again this year, we manage
to have a successful Festival.
With the continuing rise in the cost of living the Board of Directors have
decided we needed to upgrade our heating system. A consultant from
Efficiency Nova Scotia met with three of the board members on November
7th to discuss what was required to bring the building to it maximum
efficiency. He did an overall review of the building, and we are awaiting his
final report.

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